Plex Not Working on Samsung Smart TV: How to Fix

Plex Not Working on Samsung TV

Do you have trouble streaming the Plex app on your Samsung smart TV? If the Plex app freezes, doesn’t load, doesn’t respond to your command on Samsung TV, you are not alone. Many users report Plex app is not working properly on the Samsung TV. However, it’s not a big deal, we have mentioned the basic methods to sort out this issue.

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Plex Not Working on Samsung smart TV

  • Older Version of LG Smart TV
  • Audio or Video Issues
  • Poor internet connection
  • Clear Cache Files
  • Outdated Plex application
  • Check for VPN
  • Issue on Smart Hub
  • Subtitles Not Working
  • Update Samsung Smart TV
  • Reset Samsung Smart TV
  • Plex server down

Older Version of LG Smart TV

Plex has stated that many manufacturers have stopped updating the older TV models. This raises the security certificate problem that leads to Plex not working in many older version smart TVs. It includes all versions of the Tizen model Samsung Smart TV.

You will not find any issues if the Plex server is located on the same TV network. Moreover, you will get server issues when the server connection is not similar. To fix this,

[1] Go to the Settings on your Samsung Smart TV.

[2] Scroll and select the Advanced option.

[3] Further, select Always under the Allow insecure connections option.

Plex on Older Samsung Smart TV

Make sure that your Secure connections are set to Preferred. If you have changed it manually, change it back to Preferred from the Secure connections option under Network Settings.

Audio \ Video Issues

If you have noticed, the audio and video disappear suddenly, and it might be due to a minor bug in the latest version of the Plex app. While relaunching the Plex might be a temporary fix. You can rectify the audio and video issues permanently by uninstalling the latest version and reinstalling the older version of the Plex app.

Poor Internet Connection

Poor internet connection and insufficient internet speed is the basic problem with streaming Plex. To check whether your internet is connected to your TV,

[1] Go to the Settings option from your home screen.

[2] Click on the General menu.

[3] Now select Network status to check for wi-fi network and connect it with a fast network connection.

Clear Cache Files

Unwanted temporary data will be stored on the app as cache files. Make sure to clear all the files to fix the problem.

[1] Enter your TV home screen and tap the Settings option.

[2] Navigate to the Apps section and select the Plex app.

[3] Further, click on the Clear cache option to erase unwanted files.

Outdated Plex application

If you have an old version of the Plex app, it might cause an error. To fix this problem, download the latest version of the Plex app on your Samsung Smart TV. To get the app, just delete the Plex app on your TV and reinstall it from the Apps section.

Check for VPN


If your device has VPN enabled, it may also cause a hurdle on streaming Plex on your TV.

[1] Navigate to the Settings Menu and select Network and Internet.

[2] From the menu icon, select VPN.

[3] Now, select the Disconnect option to disable the server.

Issues on Smart Hub

Smart Hub

If your Smart Hub is corrupted, it will affect the Plex streaming on your TV. You will need to reset your Smart Hub to fix this trouble.

[1] Go to Settings and tap the Support option.

[2] Scroll down and select Self-diagnosis.

[3] From the list of options, select Reset Smart Hub.

Subtitle Not Working

Subtiles not working on Plex with Samsung Smart TV

If the subtitle is not showing for video content, there may be some issues with the directories. Copy-paste all the files in the Movies folder to any folder and refresh the server. Then, move all the files to the home folder. This will resolve the issue. If not, make sure you are using the correct subtitle format like .ssa, .ass, .vtt, .smi, and .srt. Some subtitle formats like tx3g will appear only the smartphones and not on Smart TVs.

Update Samsung Smart TV

You can update Samsung Smart TV to fix bugs and add new features.

[1] On your Samsung Smart TV, select the Settings option.

[2] Now, select the Support option.

[3] Click on Software Update.

[4] Turn on the Auto Update option to update your Samsung TV automatically.

Reset Samsung TV

Factory resetting your Samsung Smart TV will help you fix the Plex not working issue.

[1] Go to the Settings and select the General option.

[2] Now, click on Reset and type the default PIN 0000.

[3] Further, select the Reset button and select OK.

Server Problem on Plex

Plex Servers

If you cannot fix the issue by following the above-mentioned steps, then it must be a server problem on the Plex app. Plex server can be down and will be unavailable to users for a short period. In that case, you have to contact Plex customer support.

These are the basic issues and solutions that can cause while streaming Plex on your Samsung Smart TV. If you have any other specific issues with the Plex app, let us know in the comments below.