How to Clear Cache on Samsung Smart TV

How to Clear Cache on Samsung TV (1)

Samsung Smart TV lets you watch movies, TV shows, sports, news, and much more through various apps. It brings you a lot of advanced features to enhance your streaming experience. However, sometimes Samsung TV’s performance is slow due to low storage space on the TV. This is because you have stored a lot of unwanted files, images, and apps on your TV and on the browser that you use. So, it is good that you clear cache on the Samsung Smart TV frequently to avoid such problems.

Clearing cache on the TV allows you to have more space to add new apps and it will also increase the speed and performance of your TV. Moreover, clearing the cache helps you to protect your TV from viruses and malware. The procedure for clearing cache is almost the same for all the Samsung Smart TV models.

How to Clear App Cache on Samsung TV

The apps installed on your Samsung Smart TV will store cache files. These cache files will help you to browse quicker in the apps. Streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Disney Plus will store a lot of cache files as they contain many movies and series. Clearing cache on these specific apps will help your Samsung TV to run faster.

1. Press the Home button on your Samsung TV’s remote.

2. Go to Settings from the home screen.

go to settings on your tv

3. On the following screen, tap the Apps option.

4. Choose System Apps.

5. Next, select the app for which you want to clear the cache. For example, choose Netflix, Disney Plus, or Hulu.

6. Then, choose Clear Cache and tap OK in the prompt for confirmation.

7. You can repeat the steps to clear the cache on as many apps as you want.

How to Clear Cookies and Browsing Data on Samsung TV

Cookies on the browser also can slow down the performance of your TV. So, after clearing the app’s caches, you have to clear cookies on the browser as well.

1. Press the Home button on the remote.

2. Go to Settings and choose Broadcasting.

3. From the menu, select Expert Settings.

click expert settings to clear cache on samsung tv

4. Choose the HbbTV Settings option.

tap on HbbTV settings option from the screen

5. Now, click on Delete Browsing Data.

tap delete browsing data to clear cache on samsung tv

6. Finally, tap Delete to clear cookies on your Samsung TV.

tap delete for confirmation

In most Samsung Smart TVs, you can use the above steps to clear the cookies and browsing data. But, in specific models, you have to follow specific steps.

How to Clear Cache on Samsung TV [K/KU/KS Model TV]

1. Go to Settings on your Samsung TV.

2. Select the Expert Settings.

3. Choose the Country option and tap on the HbbTV Settings.

4. Click the Delete Browsing Data option and choose Yes for confirmation.

5. This will delete all the cache files on your Samsung TV.

How to Clear Cache on Samsung TV [J/JU/JS Model TV]

1. Open the web browser on Samsung TV.

2. Tap on the Gear icon on the web browser.

3. The Settings menu will open. Click the Privacy & Security option.

4. Tap the Delete Browsing Data button.

5. Click the Yes icon for confirmation.

How to Clear Samsung TV’s Memory

In some older Samsung Smart TV models, you have to clear the TV’s memory in order to clear cache files.

For Samsung TV 2020 and above models: Navigate to Home >> Settings >> Support >> Device Care >> Start Device Care.

For 2019 Samsung TVs and 3 – 7 Series: Go to Home >> Settings >> Support >> Self Diagnosis >> TV Device Manager.

There are chances that you may face any issues while clearing the cache files on your Samsung TV. Your Samsung TV won’t work properly after clearing the cache. In that case, you have to factory reset your Samsung TV. When you reset your TV, everything will be erased. If your TV takes time to load content, you can immediately clear the cache to resolve your problem. Moreover, by clearing the cache, you are protecting your device from malware.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens when you clear cache on Samsung TV?

Once you clear cache on Samsung TV, your TV will work fast and give you improved performance.

2. How can I free up memory on your Samsung Smart TV?

You can clear cache and cookies to free up space on your Samsung Smart TV.

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