How to Reset DirecTV Remote [All Models]

learn to reset directv remote

DirecTV is a prominent satellite TV provider in the US with over 13.3 million subscribers. With the DirecTV universal remote, you can control up to 4 devices like TVs, DVD players, gaming consoles, and sound systems. If DirecTV remote is not working, it may have several reasons. Nonetheless, it can be fixed by troubleshooting methods in most cases. Suppose, one or more buttons on the DirecTV remote are not responding, you have to reset the DirecTV remote.

How to Reset DirecTV Remote

The following are the steps to reset your DirecTV remote and the receiver. It is recommended to reset both devices if you can’t able to judge whether the issue is from the remote or the receiver.

Reset DirecTV Receiver

All the DirecTV receivers come with a red button. You can use that button to reset the remote.

press the side button on the receiver

1. Press the red reset button and hold it until it restarts. This red button will be located on the side of the receiver or inside the access card door.

2. If you don’t find the red button, unplug the receiver from the power outlet and reconnect it again after 15 seconds.

3. Now, you have successfully reset your DirecTV receiver.

Note: Similarly, you can reset LG TV remote if the remote keys are not responding.

Reset Your DirecTV Remote

If the remote doesn’t work after resetting the receiver, you have to reset the DirecTV remote. Here are the steps to do so.

1. Press the Menu button on your DirecTV remote.

2. Choose the Settings option.

3. Tap the Remote Control option and press the Select button on the remote.

4. Highlight the Reset Remote option and press the Select button.

5. If you have DirecTV Genie remote, you will get four options. Among them, choose the Reset Remote option.

choose reset remote to reset directv remote

6. Now, your remote will reset automatically. If you have set up any passcode, enter the code to finish the process.

How to Reset DirecTV Remote Manually

1. Press the Mute and Select buttons simultaneously on the DirecTV remote and hold them until the light flashes three times.

2. Then, press the 9 8 1 keys on the remote and click the Select button.

3. The remote indicator light will flash three times to indicate reset is done.

Note: Since it is a universal remote, you can program the DirecTV remote to Samsung TV if the original remote is missing or not working.

DIY Fixes: DirecTV Genie Remote Not Working

If your DirecTV Genie remote is not responding to any commands, you should check a few things. Normally, it sends signals to the receiver using infrared light. So, the remote requires a proper line of sight to the receiver and it should not have any obstructions. After that, you can follow these methods to fix the issue.

Check the Battery Strength

To test the battery level, press any button on the DirecTV remote and hold it for a few seconds.

Solid green lightThe batteries have sufficient charge
Fast-blinking green lightThe batteries have less charge. It indicates that it needs a replacement shortly.
No light (or) slow blinking green lightThe batteries are running out of charge. Insert brand-new AA batteries.

Check the Input

You have to select the appropriate input to make the remote work. Follow these steps.

  • Press the Enter button and hold it for 3 seconds.
  • You will see a Source menu on the TV screen.
  • Choose the exact input to which you have connected the DirecTV receiver.

Pair Genie Remote with Receiver

Press the Guide button to view the remote’s pairing status. If you see nothing, check if the remote is paired or not.

  • Aim the remote at any one of these receivers (Genie/Genie Mini/Wireless Genie Mini).
  • Press the Mute and Enter buttons and hold it for a few seconds.
  • If you see Applying IR/RF Setup on the screen, the remote is paired.

These are the different ways that you can use to reset DirecTV remotes. The procedure is also applicable to reset DirecTV RC73, RC71, RC66, RC65, and IR remotes. You can also reset your Genie remote with the procedure given above.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I reset my DirecTV remote control?

To reset the remote control, navigate to Settings >> Remote Control >> Reset Remote.

2. What is the DirecTV remote reset code?

9 8 1 is the remote reset code.

3. Where is the reset button on the DirecTV receiver?

The reset button will be red. You can find the button on the side of the receiver.

4. How do I fix if the DirecTV remote is not changing channels?

You must use the remote in a direct line of sight in case the remote cannot change channels or fails to adjust the volume.