How to Reset DirecTV Remote

learn to reset directv remote

DirecTV remote can be used to control any entertainment system like TV, DVD player, Blu-ray player, and more. DirecTV remote is available in two models, DirecTV Universal remote and DirecTV Genie remote. You can use DirecTV Universal remote to control four devices at a time. Like using original remotes, you can use a DirecTV remote to control your Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, Element TV, and more. If you are having any problem with your remote, like showing any glitches or being unresponsive, you can simply reset your DirecTV remote to solve the problem.

How to Reset DirecTV Remote

When the DirecTV remote is not working, you can reset the remote as well as the receiver.

Reset Your DirecTV Receiver

All the DirecTV receivers come with a red button. You can use that button to reset the remote.

press the side button on the receiver

1. Press and hold the reset button until it restarts.

2. If you don’t find the red button, unplug the receiver from the power outlet and plug it in again after 15 seconds.

3. Now, you have reset your DirecTV receiver.

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Reset Your DirecTV Remote

1. Press the Menu button on your DirecTV remote.

2. Choose the Settings option.

3. Tap the Remote Control option and press the Select button on the remote.

4. Highlight the Reset Remote option and press the Select button.

5. If you have DirecTV Genie remote, you will get four options. Among them, choose the Reset Remote option.

choose reset remote to reset directv remote

6. Now, your remote will reset automatically. If you have set up any code, enter the code to set up.

Reset DirecTV Remote Manually

1. Press and hold the Mute & Select buttons simultaneously on the DirecTV remote until the light flashes three times.

2. Then, press 9 8 1 on the remote and press the Select button.

3. The flashing light will flash three times and that’s it.

These are the different ways that you can use to reset DirecTV remotes. The procedure can be used to reset DirecTV rc73, rc71, rc66, rc65, and IR remotes. You can also reset your Genie remote with the procedure given above.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I reset my DirecTV remote control?

To reset the remote control, navigate to Settings >> Remote Control >> Reset Remote.

2. What is the DirecTV remote reset code?

9 8 1 is the remote reset code.

3. Where is the reset button on the DirecTV receiver?

The reset button will be red in color. You can find the button on the side of the receiver.

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