How to Program DirecTV Remote to Samsung TV

Learn to program directv remote to samsung tv

A universal remote can be used to control any Smart TV and other devices at home. So, you don’t need to worry when your TV remote is not working. You can use a universal remote to control soundbars, gaming consoles, streaming devices, media players, VCRs, audio sets, smart TVs, and many more. DirecTV universal remote is one of the popular universal remotes. If your Samsung TV remote is not working, you can program DirecTV universal remote to control your Samsung TV.

How to Program DirecTV Remote to Samsung Smart TV

program directv universal remote to samsung tv

Before stepping into the procedure, you must prepare your TV to program your DirecTV remote.

  • Connect the DirecTV receiver to your Samsung TV via HDMI
  • Check the batteries in your Samsung and DirecTV remotes

Program DirecTV Remote

1. Check the DirecTV remote, whether it is working properly or not.

2. Press the Menu button on the DirecTV remote.

3. Under that, navigate to Settings >> Remote Control.

4. Click on the Program Remote option.

Pair DirecTV Remote using Samsung TV Code

Next, you have to start the programming process on the Samsung TV to recognize the DirecTV remote.

1. Point your DirecTV remote towards your Samsung TV.

2. Press and hold down the Mute and Select buttons on DirecTV remote until the LED on the top of your remote flashes twice.

3. Now, release the button and enter the code 54000. If you have old Samsung TVs, then you can type the 0101 code.

4. Click on Pair/Program Remote under the Program remote tab.

5. Tap on the Change TV option.

6. Wait for the TV to redirect you to the next tab.

7. Now, type Samsung TV and press the OK button on the remote.

8. Then, press the Power button on the DirecTV remote to check whether your Samsung TV turns off or not.

9. You can also press the Volume Up on the DirecTV button to check if the volume is increasing on your Samsung TV.

How to program the DirecTV Genie Remote to Samsung TV

program directv genie remote to samsung tv

1. Press and hold the Mute and Select buttons until a green light blinks twice.

2. Enter the 961 code on the Genie remote.

3. Press the Channel up button and press Enter.

4. Now, the TV will display Your remote is now set up for RF. Press OK on the remote.

5. Now, turn on your Samsung TV and press the Menu button on the remote.

6. Navigate to Settings >> Remote Control >> Program Remote.

7. Choose the device name that you want to control.

8. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the programming process.

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DirecTV Remote Not Working on Samsung TV: Best Fixes

In case the DirecTV remote that you have paired with Samsung TV is not working, you can follow the fixes given below to solve the problems.

  • Hard reset your Samsung TV and DirecTV receiver.
  • Power Cycle the DirecTV remote
  • Change the batteries in the remote
  • Check the code that you have entered
  • Check for obstacles

That’s it. Now, you can quickly program the DirecTV remote to Samsung TV. If the DirecTV remote is not working, you can reset the remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I program the DirecTV remote to Samsung TV?

Yes, you can program the DirecTV remote to Samsung TV using the remote codes.

2. How to program DirecTV remote RC72 to Samsung TV?

For RC72, you can use the steps mentioned for the Genie remote.