How to Connect Samsung Remote to TV

how to connect samsung remote to tv

Remote Control is an efficient tool to operate the device in our comfort. TV is the most popular device in the usage of remote control. Samsung Smart TV is a leading Smart TV model and it has all of your favorite apps streaming on them. The Samsung Smart TV remote is as much impressive as the device itself. You can connect the smart remote to your Samsung TV and projector automatically. Also, you can pair the remote to a different Samsung Smart TV or projector. If you wish to connect Samsung Remote to your TV, you can learn them in the below guide.

How to Connect Samsung Remote to TV

1. Take the Samsung TV Remote in your hand and flip it to the backside.

2. Remove the remote cabinet on its back and insert two batteries in the proper direction.


2. Point the Samsung TV remote towards the TV at about 12 inches from the screen.

3. With that, the remote will try to pair up with the TV on its own.

How to Connect Samsung Remote to TV

4. Next, press any button on the remote to get the pairing information on your screen.

Note: Please make sure that you press any button on the remote, excluding the Power button.

5. Wait for the pairing process to come to an end.

6. Press and hold the Return and Extra buttons for 3 seconds.

7. You can see the pairing information on the bottom left part of your screen.

Reset remote

8. Finally, wait for the pairing to finish. You can see the remote pairing notification on your screen. 

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How to Fix When You can’t Connect Samsung TV Remote to TV

1. If the remote you have is new, it might contain a few stickers on it. These stickers are the shipping stickers that will protect your remote from any damage during shipping. Therefore, make sure that you remove all the stickers from the remote so that the pairing process can be done properly.

2. Check if the batteries on your remote are drained or not. If the batteries are drained, you need to replace them with new batteries.


3. Check if the IR signal from the remote is properly sent. Take your phone’s camera and focus on the remote signal. Now, press the POWER button. If you can see a colored light, it means the IR signal is transferred properly. If you can’t see the light, you need to replace your batteries with new ones.

4. If none of the above troubleshooting steps work, unplug the Samsung TV from the power source. Wait for at least a minute and then plug back the Smart TV into the power source.

Thus, after troubleshooting, you can able to connect the Samsung Remote to the TV. In case the Samsung Remote is not working properly, then you can repair the remote. Now, You can also use the Samsung Smartphone Remote app to control the TV. If you have any problems following the above steps, please mention them in the comments section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if Samsung Smart TV remote not pairing?

If your Samsung Smart TV remote pair, try these fixes.
1. Check if you have removed the shipping stickers.
2. Update the Samsung Smart TV to the latest firmware
3. Replace old batteries with new ones.
4. Check if the remote transforms IR signals properly.
5. Restart your Samsung Smart TV.

How to Program Samsung Remote to connect to 4K TV?

Initially, press the Setup button on the behind of your remote. Next, select the Device List option and select the Device Search button. Here you can see the Manufacturer Code field.