How to Update Samsung Smart TV [2 Easy Ways]

Update Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV is known for its seamless streaming experience. The smart TV offers all the top streaming apps for providing endless entertainment. Samsung Smart TV has a user-friendly interface for easy and smooth operation. It is necessary to update the smart TV firmware to get the new features. In Samsung Smart TV too, you have to update the TV OS to get new features and new UI.

Update Samsung Smart TV

The Samsung Smart TV can be updated in two methods, and they are

  • Through Settings
  • Using USB Drive

How to Update Samsung Smart TV through Settings

(1). Launch the Samsung Smart TV and connect to the internet.

(2). Select Settings on the Samsung TV home screen.

Click Settings on Samsung TV

(3). Scroll down and click Support in the Settings menu.

(4). Select Software Update and tap Update Now to begin the process.

Select update Now to update Samsung Smart TV

(5). Click Yes to confirm the update of the smart TV.

(6). After updating the TV software, it will restart the TV to start the fresh run.

(7). Then, you can use the Samsung Smart TV with new features.

It is also important to update apps on Samsung Smart TV to get new streaming features and customized UI. If your TV screen shows, Samsung TV Software not available, it means that your TV is already updated to the latest version.

Update the Samsung Smart TV using USB Drive

You can also update your smart TV by downloading the software file on a computer and share it with the TV via a USB drive.

(1). Open your PC and go to the Samsung Support website.

(2). Type the TV model number below the Product Support bar.

(3). Click Manuals & Download at the top and select Download in the Upgrade File to save the firmware.

click Download to download the Firmware

(4). Double-click on the Zip file to extract and copy it to a USB drive.

(5). Connect the USB drive to the Samsung Smart TV and go to the Settings.

(6). Click Support in the settings and select Software Update. Tap Update Now to update the firmware of the smart TV.

Click Update Now to update Samsung Smart TV

Auto-Update the Samsung Smart TV

The auto-update option provides the relaxation of not worrying about the update of the smart TV every time. Whenever you start the TV and connect to the internet, it checks for the new firmware and updates it quickly.

(1). Start the Samsung Smart TV and press the home button on the remote.

(2). Click Settings on the home screen and select Support.

(3) In the Support tab, select the Software Update option.

select Software Update - Update Samsung Smart TV

(4). Scroll down and click Auto Update to make the TV update the software automatically.

click Auto Update

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Thus, you can update the Samsung Smart TV in various ways. While updating the TV, make sure that you have a constant internet connection in order to avoid failures. Update your Samsung TV as soon as the new update is available, as the new update will remove bugs in the TV. For easy access, turn on the Auto-Update feature. If you have any issues while updating the Samsung Smart TV, let us know in the comments below.