Hulu on Samsung Smart TV: How to Add & Activate

Hulu on Samsung TV

Samsung Smart TV is a pioneer in the smart TV industry. You can add various streaming applications like Netflix and Hulu to enjoy the various entertaining content. With Hulu on Samsung Smart TV, you can enjoy various content, including movies, TV series, documentaries, etc. Above all, Hulu supports Live TV too. The installation process varies with the TV models, which has been discussed in detail in this write-up.

Hulu on Samsung Smart TV

As far as Samsung Smart TV is concerned, you can install the latest Hulu app on the TVs that came after 2016. In those models, you can get the Hulu app from the Smart Hub store and access all the on-demand & live TV channels. For the older models of Samsung Smart TV, you can get only the Classic Hulu app. In the Classic Hulu app, you can access only the on-demand library, even though you have Hulu + Live TV subscription. Classic Hulu app lacks lots of features like Live TV, Premium Add-ons, My Stuff, Profiles, Guide, Remove your Watch History, and Stop Suggesting This.

How to Install Hulu on Samsung Smart TV

#1 Turn on your TV and connect it to the internet.

#2 Press the Home button on your supplied remote to access the smart hub.

Hulu on Samsung Smart TV

#3 Scroll and choose the Apps.

#4 Hover to the Magnifying glass search icon on the top-right corner.

#5 Type Hulu and search for the application.

#6 Select the Hulu app from the search results.

#7 Click the Download Now button to install the app on your Samsung Smart TV.

#8 Once the app is installed, you need to activate it.

Alternative Way

#1 Press the Internet @TV button on your remote.

#2 Click Content View.

#3 Choose Internet TV. The list of available apps for your TV will appear.

#4 Use the search option and search the Hulu app.

#6 Select the Hulu app from the search results.

#7 Click the Download Now button to install the app on your Samsung Smart TV.

Activate Hulu on Samsung Smart TV

#1 Launch the Hulu app on your TV.

#2 Choose Sign in.

#3 The TV will display an activation code.

#4 From your computer or smartphone, go to the Hulu activation link.

Activate Hulu on Samsung Smart TV

#5 Then log in to your account.

Activate Hulu

#6 Enter the code and click Activate.

#7 Your Samsung Smart TV will start loading the contents within 5-10 seconds on successful code verification.

How to Switch Profiles on Samsung TV

With one Hulu subscription, you can get access to two simultaneous connections with up to six different accounts. If you want to switch profiles on Hulu,

#1 Open the Hulu app on your Samsung TV.

#2 Go to the Account section.

#3 Select the Profiles option.

#4 All the created profiles will appear. Choose a profile.

#5 Enter the security code and access the profile on your Samsung TV.

Note: This will log you out from the previous Hulu profile on your Samsung Smart TV.

How to Cast Hulu from Smartphone

If you want to use the latest Hulu on old Samsung TV or to use the app on TVs that aren’t compatible with Hulu, then you need to cast the contents from your smartphones to your TV via Chromecast. Install Hulu on your Android or iOS smartphone. The app is available on the Play Store and App Store.

#1 Set up your Chromecast with your TV.

#2 Open the Hulu app and log in to your account.

#3 Ensure to connect your smartphone and Chromecast or Chromecast in-built TV to the same WiFi network.

Cast Hulu

#4 Tap the Cast icon on the top-right corner. If you are using iPhone, you have to turn on the AirPlay feature on Samsung TV.

#5 Choose the Chromecast device from the list of available devices.

#6 The contents will be cast to your TV screen.

Hulu Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

If the Hulu app is not working on your Samsung TV, you can fix that easily. Try all the below-mentioned solutions to fix the Hulu app.

Fix 1 – Update the Hulu app: As a starter, just try closing and opening the app. If it doesn’t work, then update the Hulu app on Samsung Smart TV.

  • Press the Smart Hub button on the remote.
  • Choose Apps and hover to the Hulu app.
  • Press and hold the Enter key on your remote and click Update Apps on the side menu.
  • Then, again click the Update tab.

Fix 2Clear Cache on Samsung TV: If your Hulu still doesn’t work, then clear up some space by clearing caches.

  • Press the Home button.
  • Then select Settings > Applications > Hulu.
  • Choose the Clear Cache and Clear Data option.
  • If you need more space, then clear caches for all the apps.

Fix 3Restart Samsung Smart TV: Rebooting or Restarting the device will be a better solution to solve various issues.


  • Press and hold the power button on your remote.
  • Release the button when you see the Samsung logo on your TV.
  • Wait until the TV reboot and load Hulu.

Force Restart

  • Unplug the TV from the power source.
  • Wait for 3-5 minutes.
  • Then plug it back into your TV.
  • Now open the Hulu app.

Fix 4Update Samsung TV: The Samsung TV won’t respond if your TV is not updated.

  • Press the Home button.
  • Go to Settings > Support > Software update.
  • Click Update Now and press Yes.

Fix 5Factory Reset Samsung TV: This will wipe out all the data stored on your Samsung TV.

  • Press the Home button.
  • Go to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset.
  • Provide the PIN code and confirm Reset.


1. Is Hulu available on Samsung Smart TV?

Yes, the full version of the Hulu app is available for 2016 and above models Samsung TVs. For older models, you can get only the Classic Hulu app.

2. Why won’t my Hulu app work on my Samsung Smart TV?

Make sure that the Hulu app is supported on your Samsung TV model. You can check the full list of Hulu-supported Samsung TV models here.

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