How to Use AirPlay on Samsung Smart TV

learn to AirPlay on Samsung TV

AirPlay lets you stream music, videos, photos, and any media content to your Apple TV, smart speakers, and smart TVs from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Unlike other Apple features, like AirDrop and iMessage, AirPlay is available for non-Apple devices and TVs. Recent models of Samsung Smart TV come with an in-built AirPlay feature. With the AirPlay feature enabled on your Samsung TV, you can screen share any of the media content from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac PCs.

To connect your iPhone or iPad to Samsung TV via AirPlay, you need to connect both your iPhone or iPad and Samsung Smart TV to the same WiFi connection. Without a common WiFi connection, you cannot use the AirPlay feature. With AirPlay on Samsung Smart TV, you can stream and enjoy media content on the big screen effortlessly.

AirPlay Supported Samsung Smart TVs

  • 2021 Frame and Serif TV
  • 2021 8K and 4K QLED TVs
  • 2021 Crystal UHD TVs
  • 2020 8K and 4K QLED TVs
  • 2020 Frame and Serif TV
  • 2020 Crystal UHD TVs
  • 2019 8K and 4K QLED TVs
  • 2019 Frame and Serif TV
  • 2019 4K UHD TV
  • 2018 Frame TV
  • 2018 QLED 4K
  • 2018 4K UHD TV
  • 2018 Smart Full HDTV N5300

How to Enable AirPlay on Samsung Smart TV

1. With the help of the remote, go to Settings and choose General on your Samsung Smart TV.

2. Select Apple AirPlay Settings from the menu you get.

3. Now, choose AirPlay and turn on the feature.

go to apple airplay settings to enable AirPlay on Samsung TV

How to Use AirPlay on Samsung TV

You can enable and put the AirPlay feature on Samsung TV in two ways. That is, you can share the entire screen or only the app’s content. Connect your iPhone and Samsung Smart to the same network connection and follow the steps given below.

Steps to AirPlay Streaming Apps to Samsung Smart TV

Most of the popular streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and Hulu come with the AirPlay feature. With that, you can cast the video content from the app to your Samsung TV.

1. Install the AirPlay-compatible app from App Store on your iPhone. For example, install the Amazon Prime Video app.

2. Launch the app and sign in with your account details.

3. Now, tap the AirPlay icon from the top-right corner or from the bottom of the screen.

4. Select your Samsung TV.

choose your samsung tv to screen mirror the content

5. Type the passcode that is displayed on the TV screen.

enter the passcode displayed on the tv

6. Now, play any video that will appear on your Samsung TV.

Steps to AirPlay the Entire iPhone/iPad Screen

If you want to AirPlay the full screen of your iPhone or iPad to Samsung Smart TV, you can use the Screen Mirroring feature.

1. Go to Control Center on your iPhone. You can swipe up from the bottom or swipe down from the up to open the Control Center.

2. From there, choose the Screen Mirroring option.

tap screen mirroring to AirPlay on Samsung TV

3. Select your Samsung Smart TV name from the list of devices available.

4. If your Samsung TV displays a passcode, enter it on the pop-up that appears on your iPhone.

5. Now, your entire iPhone screen will mirror your Samsung TV screen.

6. You play any video on your iPhone and it will appear on your Samsung TV.

How to AirPlay to Samsung TV Using Mac

1. Make sure to connect your Mac and Samsung TV to the same WiFi network connection.

2. Select the content that you want to AirPlay to your TV. You can choose any photo and video that is saved on your Mac.

3. Now, tap the AirPlay button. If the AirPlay button is not available, click the AirPlay button on the top of the screen and choose your Samsung TV.

tap the airplay icon on the screen

4. Choose the Samsung TV from the list.

5. Type the 4-digit AirPlay passcode that is displayed on TV on your Mac if prompted.

enter the passcode to AirPlay on Samsung TV

6. Now, the selected content will display on your TV.

AirPlay on Samsung TV Using HDMI Cord and Lightning Digital AV Adapter

If your Samsung TV is not compatible with AirPlay, then you can screen mirror using an HDMI cable and a Lightning-to-HDMI adapter. The HDMI adapter connects your iPhone to an HDMI cable and then to your TV. Let’s get started.

1. First, connect the end of the Lightning cable Adapter to your iPhone or iPad.

2. Input the HDMI cable from one end to the adapter and the other end to the HDMI port of your TV.

use lightning adapter to AirPlay on Samsung TV

3. Change the HDMI channel to which you have connected the HDMI cable.

4. Now, both devices are connected, and you can play any media and watch it on your TV.

How to Change AirPlay Settings on your Samsung TV

In the AirPlay feature, you have a few customization options. On the AirPlay settings page, you can change the settings to your preference.

1. Navigate to Settings and select General on your Samsung TV.

2. Tap on Apple AirPlay Settings from the menu.

3. From that menu, you can make changes to the following options.

  • AirPlay – Here you can turn on and off the AirPlay feature. There are no automatic controls for the feature. Once you turn it on, it will remain turned on. You have to turn it off manually.
  • Require Code – Here, you will have four options.
    • First Time Only: This will ask for the AirPlay pairing code only for the first time.
    • Every Time: This will ask for the pairing code every time you try to connect your iPhone or iPad to Samsung TV.
    • Use Password Instead: In this option, you can set the AirPlay password manually and enter that every time.
    • Reset Paired Device: Tapping this will reset all the past AirPlay-paired devices on your Samsung TV.
  • Subtitles and Captioning – This option helps you to turn on or turn off the captioning and subtitles on your Samsung TV while using AirPlay. You can also customize the style, size, and color of the subtitles.
  • About AirPlay – Clicking on this option will let you know about AirPlay’s current version and other details. You can also get to see the legal information about the AirPlay software.

AirPlay Not Working on Samsung Smart TV – Best Fixes

Sometimes, AirPlay will not work on your Samsung TV, or the video will have lagging issues on your TV. In that case, make use of the best fixes given below to rectify the problem.

  • Retry the network connection
  • Re-enable the AirPlay feature on the TV
  • Reset the paired devices
  • Update the Firmware on the Samsung TV
  • Update the OS of the host device
  • Disable Auto Protection Time of Samsung TV
  • Enable IP remote in Samsung TV
  • Edit the DNS settings of your TV
  • Update the router’s firmware

That’s all. Now, you can quickly AirPlay any media content from your Apple devices to Samsung TV. AirPlay is one of the most useful features available on all Apple devices. With AirPlay, you can share anything like movies, photos, music, workouts, and more on the TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is AirPlay on Samsung TV?

AirPlay is located on Samsung TV under Apple AirPlay Settings.

2. Are all Smart TVs AirPlay compatible?

No, only a selected model of Smart TV is compatible with the AirPlay support.

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