How to Reset Samsung Smart Hub

learn to reset samsung smart hub

Samsung Smart Hub lets you search for movies, TV shows, browse the web, and install apps on Samsung smart TVs. Smart Hub is the Play Store of Samsung Smart TVs. From the Smart Hub Store, you can install streaming apps in different categories such as entertainment, sports, news, games, and much more. There are more than 200 apps available in the Smart Hub. If you find the Samsung Smart Hub Store not working, you can simply reset the store.

Similar to resetting your Samsung TV, factory resetting the Smart Hub store will delete all the information that is linked with your Samsung account. Resetting Smart Hub will delete all the apps that you have installed, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and fuboTV, on your Samsung TV. After the reset, it will restart your Samsung TV as if it is starting for the first time. Further, you have to link your account again and re-connect the Smart Hub services.

How to Reset Samsung Smart Hub

1. Go to Settings on your Samsung TV.

go to settings to reset samsung smart hub

2. Under Settings, choose Support and then Self Diagnosis option.

choose self diagnosis to reset samsung smart hub

Note: If you have the most recent version of Samsung TVs, then navigate to Settings >> Support >> Device Care >> Self Diagnosis.

3. Choose the Reset Smart Hub option.

tap reset smart hub option from the screen

4. You will be asked to enter a PIN to reset. (The default PIN is 0000).

enter the password on the screen

5. That’s it. Now, you have reset the Smart Hub successfully.

Alternate Way to Reset Smart Hub

1. Press the Smart Hub button on the Samsung TV remote.

2. When the Smart Hub Store opens, press the D button on the remote to open Settings.

press the d button on the remote

3. Choose the Reset option and you will get a password screen on the TV.

tap reset to reset samsung smart hub

4. Enter the Password and the Smart Hub store will be reset.

How to Reset Smart Hub on Samsung TV Without PIN

You cannot reset the Smart Hub without a PIN. But, you can reset the PIN of your TV. The default PIN is 0000. To change the Samsung TV PIN, turn on the TV and press the following on your remote: Mute > 8 > 2 > 4 > Power button. This will prompt you to add a new security PIN.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to reset apps on Samsung TV?

Resetting the Samsung Smart Hub will reset all the apps on your TV. You can also reset apps on Samsung TV by uninstalling and reinstalling the apps.

2. What happens after you reset the Smart Hub on Samsung TV?

Once you reset the Smart Hub, all the apps will be deleted, and the Smart Hub settings will go to factory default settings.