How to Add Apps on Samsung Smart TV [2 Ways]

Add Apps on Samsung Smart TVAdd Apps on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung is one of the best smart TVs that offers access to various applications and contents. You can easily add apps on Samsung Smart TV. Mostly as in other smart TVs, you have pre-installed applications. And you can only add selected applications that are available in the Smart Hub. You aren’t allowed to install other additional applications. Smart Hub allows you to access the internet and add apps. Some of the services in Smart Hub are paid ones, so make sure to have a Samsung account to get access to them.

Add Apps on Samsung Smart TV

It is very simple to add applications on Samsung Smart TVs. You can either do it using the Apps section or add an application from the Smart Hub. To access Smart Hub, you must have access to,

  • Smart Hub paid services will require a Samsung Apps TV account. So create one by going to the Samsung account screen and signing up for a new account.
  • You must connect your Samsung TV to the internet to access the contents.
  • Few features may not work with respect to the service provider, language, or location.
  • Agree to the Smart Hub service agreement and privacy policy.

How to Install Apps on Samsung Smart TV

#1 Turn on your Samsung Smart TV and make sure that it is connected to the internet.

#2 Press the Home or Smart Hub button on your supplied Samsung TV remote.

#3 Then select the Apps in the bottom menu of the screen.

Samsung TV Smart Hub

#4 Click on the Magnifying glass or Search icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

Search Apps on Samsung TV

#5 Now, on the search field, type the name of the application you want to download and select Done.

Search Apps on Samsung TV

#6 If the app is available for Samsung Smart TV, it will appear on the search results, or the smart TV will suggest other similar apps.

#7 Click on the Install or Download button on the app screen to download and install the application.

Download button

#8 Now click on the Open button and proceed with the app initial setup process.

Open button

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How to Install Third Party-Apps on Samsung Smart TV

#1 Turn on your Samsung Smart TV.

#2 Enable installation of Unknown Sources. Go to Settings > Personal Tab > Security.

#3 Toggle the switch next to the Unknown Sources to enable it.

#4 Then, enable the Developer Mode. Smart Hub > Apps.

#5 Enter the PIN.

#6 Toggle the Developer Mode to ON.

#7 Enter the IP Address on the computer you want to connect to and click OK. Restart your Samsung smart TV.

#8 Know the IP Address of your TV. So go to Settings > Network Options > Information.

#9 Install the apk you want to add to your PC.

#10 From your computer, run the Command Prompt. Enter abd connect Your TV IP address.

#11 Run the command install D\install.apk (apk’s file location).

#12 When the app is installed, you will get the Success screen.

#13 Now, on your TV, the app will be installed.

These are the two ways to add apps to your Samsung Smart TV. Though third-party apps can be installed, they may harm your TV’s software, and OS build. Stick to the pre-installed apps and apps from the Smart Hub Store. If you have any queries while installing apps, write to us in the comment section.