How to Download Plex on Samsung Smart TV [2023]

Plex on Samsung Smart TV

Plex is available on Samsung Smart TV and you can add it using the SmartHub store on your TV. With Plex on Samsung TV, you can stream over 180 Live TV channels and 20,000+ on-demand movies and TV shows. Plex is one of the popular media server applications that can be used to manage both local and online storage. Plex acts as a media player and as a media server as well. With Plex on your Samsung Smart TV, you can access your personal media library as well.

Plex includes TV channels such as CBS, Newsy, Euronews, Financial Times, and more. Recently, Plex changed its logo. The new logo looks more classy and casual.

Plex New logo

Plex Subscription

The Plex streaming app has a paid subscription known as Plex Pass. You can get the Plex Pass in three different ways.


Benefits of Streaming Plex on Smart TV

  • It allows you to watch free movies, shows, and live TV.
  • It provides DVR recording for live TV to record the content in your library.
  • You will get customized restriction settings when sharing the content with others.
  • With the hardware-accelerated streaming feature, you can stream Plex content faster and more efficiently using the Plex media server.

How to watch Plex on Samsung Smart TV

You can install the Plex Media Player app on Samsung Smart TVs manufactured after 2016. Another limitation is that you can’t get the Plex app on Samsung TV in China and Iran. Check the list of Plex-supported devices in the Plex support forum.

How to Download Plex App on Samsung Smart TV

(1). Turn on the Samsung Smart TV.

(2). Press the Smart Hub button on the remote and click the Apps on the home screen.

Click Apps to download Plex on Samsung Smart TV

(3). Choose the Search option and search for the Plex app in the Smart Hub.

(4). Select Install to download the Plex on the Samsung Smart TV.

(5). Click Open to launch the Plex app and select Sign In.

(6). It provides an Activation Code on the TV screen.

(7). Visit the Plex Activation website.

(8). Sign in to your account and enter the Activation Code.

(9). Click the Link button to activate the Plex app and return to the Plex app on the TV.

(10). Choose the content to stream on the Samsung Smart TV.

How to Update Plex on your TV

If you use the older version of the Plex app on your Samsung TV, you will have some performance and playback issues. To resolve the issues, you need to update all the apps on your Samsung TV.

(1). Open the Smart Hub store on your Samsung TV.

(2). Go to the Featured menu to get all the apps installed on your Samsung TV.

Featured tab

(3). Hold the Enter button to open the Options menu.

(4). Choose the Update Apps option.

Click Update Apps to update Plex on Samsung TV

(5). Select the Plex app and click the Update button to update the app on your Samsung TV.

(6). If you want, you can also enable the Auto Update to update apps automatically on your Samsung TV. Go to the Options menu and turn on Auto Update.

Auto Update on Samsung TV

How to AirPlay Plex on Samsung Smart TV

The latest versions of the Samsung Smart TV model are equipped with the AirPlay feature. You can cast content from your iPhone with the AirPlay support on Samsung Smart TV. To do so,

(1). Install the Plex app from the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

(2). Then, connect your iPhone or iPad and Samsung Smart TV to the same WiFi connection.

(3). Open the Plex app on your iPhone or iPad and play any video content.

(4). Tap the AirPlay icon on the Playback screen.

Plex AirPlay icon

(5). On the list of devices, choose your Samsung Smart TV.

(6). The video content will appear on the Samsung TV.

Alternative Method to Use Plex App on Samsung Smart TV

You can watch the Plex on your TV from the smartphone app. SmartThings is the Samsung app for screen mirroring the phone screen to the Samsung Smart TV and you can stream the Plex app.

(1). Ensure that the Samsung Smart TV and the smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network.

(2). Go to the Google Play Store and install the SmartThings app.


(3). Launch the SmartThings app on the smartphone and choose the Add Device option.

(4). Select the Samsung Smart TV and type the PIN to connect the smart TV.

(5). Download the Plex app on the smartphone from the Google Play Store.

(6). Open the Plex app and log in to your Plex account.

(7). Select the content to stream on the Samsung Smart TV.

Plex is a complete app to provide the best streaming experience for the entire family. It has a quick locating search function for faster access to the desired content. In case of any issues with the Plex app, check out our guide on the Plex app not working on Samsung Smart TV.


1. What is the latest version of Plex available for Samsung Smart TV?

The latest version of the Plex app available for Smart TV is v9.6

2. Is Plex free on Samsung TV?

You can stream your server’s media content on Plex for free. To get on-demand and live TV channels, you need to get the Plex Pass.