How to Fix YouTube not Working on LG Smart TV

YouTube not working on LG Smart TV

YouTube is a premium streaming app and it has plenty of videos for streaming. It is completely free for streaming and it contains ads. The app has videos on music, learning, gaming, cooking, lifestyle, travel, sports, news, and many more. It also has an offline streaming option to save the video for streaming anytime. The app also has a paid subscription to watch the videos without any ads and it costs $11.99 per month. Sometimes, the YouTube app may not be responding well or stopped working on a screen or you are unable to move to the other screen. We will learn how to bring back the YouTube app from the frozen screen or not working condition on the LG Smart TV in the below guide.

YouTube Not Working on LG Smart TV

There can be several reasons for the YouTube app not working on the LG Smart TV and you can easily repair the condition to resume the streaming easily.

  • Check Internet Connection
  • YouTube Playback Error
  • Restart LG Smart TV
  • YouTube App Not Showing on LG TV
  • Update YouTube App
  • Reinstall YouTube App
  • Reset LG Smart TV

Check Internet Connection

The Internet connection can be the reason for the slow working of the LG Smart TV. You can check the internet connectivity in the Connections from the Settings menu. The WiFi connection can also be disconnected and reconnected for better connectivity.

YouTube Playback Error

If you encounter the YouTube playback error on your LG TV, it means that your TV is not getting enough internet. To use the YouTube app on LG Smart TV, your TV should have at least 3Mbps for SD video, 7 Mbps for HD video, and 13 Mbps for 4K video.

Restart LG Smart TV

You can also restart the LG Smart TV if you cannot access the YouTube app properly. The restart can be done by removing the power cord of the TV and leaving it for a few minutes. You can connect the power cord and open the YouTube app on LG Smart TV. This will close all the background apps and allow the YouTube app to run smoothly.

YouTube App Not Showing on LG TV

If the YouTube app is not available on the LG Content Store, then the LG TV you own is not compatible with the YouTube app. The YouTube app is only available for LG TVs that were manufactured in 2016 and later. Check whether your LG TV is supported or not. There are chances that even the LG Content Store is not working properly. Make sure that the Content Store is working properly.

Update YouTube App

Updating the YouTube app will fix minor issues and bugs. With the new update, you may get new features and customization options. Updating apps on LG Smart TV is always recommended to stay away from bugs and software issues.

(1). Turn on the LG Smart TV and select the LG Content Store on the home screen.

(2). Click Apps on the LG Content Store and search for the YouTube app.

Select Apps - YouTube not working on LG Smart TV

(3). Select the YouTube app and choose Update to update the YouTube app.

Reinstall YouTube App

Uninstalling and installing the YouTube app again will delete all the temp files stored in the YouTube app. With that, the YouTube app won’t occupy larger memory on your LG Smart TV.

(1). Start the LG Smart TV and check the internet connection.

(2). Click the LG Content Store and select Apps.

(3). Browse for the YouTube app and select the YouTube app.

(4). Press the Up Arrow and choose the X option to remove the app.

(5). Go to LG Content Store and select the YouTube app on the Store.

(6). Click Install to install the YouTube app on the LG Smart TV and select Launch to open the app.

(7). Sign in to your account and choose the video to stream on the smart TV.

Reset LG Smart TV

Keep the reset option as your final one. Because resetting the LG Smart TV will delete all the data stored on your LG Smart TV. You have to install apps on LG Smart TV right from the beginning. When you reset the LG Smart TV, data like login information, cache files, cookies, and other temporary information will be deleted. Before the reset, take a backup as a safety measure.

(1). Launch the LG Smart TV and go to the Settings on the home screen.

Select Settings - YouTube not working on LG Smart TV

(2). Scroll down and select the All Settings option.

Click All Settings

(3). Click the General tab and select Reset to initial Settings.

Select Reset to Initial Settings

(4). Tap OK in the prompt to reset the LG Smart TV.

Now, you can stream the YouTube app on the LG Smart TV without any problem. The YouTube app and the LG Smart TV firmware must be updated regularly for smooth streaming. If you still have issues with the YouTube app, even after the reset, tell us your specific issue in the comments. We will give you the solution.


1. How do I reset YouTube on my LG Smart TV?

Clearing cache on LG Smart TV will reset all the data stored in the YouTube app.

2. What to do when the YouTube app is not loading on LG Smart TV?

If the YouTube is not loading, you have to check the internet connection.

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