Philips TV Remote App | How to Install and Use it

Philips TV Remote App

It is always a necessity to use have a remote app on your smart TV. We might misplace the remote and will be searching for it. During such an incident, we always need a remote app to turn on/off or change the channel. Most of the Smart TVs developed their own remote app to help us access the TV. Philips Smart TV is one amount them. If your remote battery is down or if your remote is missing, then you can use the Philips TV Remote app to access your TV.

Remote App for your Philips TV

We can find various remote apps for Philips on the Play Store and App Store. Philips has its own official app that can be used to control your Philip Smart TV. It is named Philips TV Remote, and it is developed by TP Vision. The app can be downloaded on your smartphone, with which you can control your smart TV.

Official Philips TV Remote App

You can download this app from App Store (iOS 9 and later) and Play Store (Android 5 and later). As the app is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, you can use either to control your TV.

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The phone will connect to your TV via Wi-Fi so it is important to connect your smartphone and your Philips smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network. You can control your Philips smart TV in the following aspects.

Philips TV remote App
  1. You can use the remote app to change the channels and of course, control the volume.
  2. With the remote app, you will be able to control the Ambilight of your TV or your Philips Hue light.
  3. Moreover, you can also use the app to find and launch various apps that are installed on your TV.
  4. It also helps you to switch between the apps.
  5. You will be able to control the movie, TV Shows, or song that is been playing on your TV.
  6. The apps will also work as a keyboard to type texts, email addresses, and passwords.
  7. Above all, you can share photos, videos between your TV and smartphone or watch the digital broadcast on your tablet with one tap.
Control Ambilight Philips TV remote App

The app is compatible with almost all TVs that came in and after 2019. Sometimes, they offer few compatibilities with the older TVs. In order to enhance the performance make sure that your TV has been updated to the latest firmware.

*Remember: You cannot use the remote app that will connect over Wi-Fi to your Philips to turn on your TV. There is no chance to turn on your Philips smart TV with the remote app. This is mainly because turned off Philips smart TVs aren’t connected to the Wi-Fi. So your smartphone cannot establish a connection with your TV.*

Alternative Apps

TV Remote for Philips

This app is available only for Android smartphones and tablets. You can use this app to control your Philips TV like a real TV remote.

With this application, you can control all the functions of your TV including turning it on as it works on two different modes.

TV Remote for Philips

Wi-Fi Mode

  • Connect your smartphone and your Philips smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Install TV Remote for Philips on your Android Smartphone from Play Store.
  • Proceed with the on-screen setup instructions to complete the initial setup. Grant the necessary permissions by accepting the confirmation message.
  • Now you can use this method to control your Philips Smart TV.

Infrared Mode

In this mode, you don’t have to enable Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth. Few smartphones come with an in-built IR blaster that can be used to make a connection with the TV. But not all mobiles have this feature.

  • Install the app on your Android smartphone from Play Store.
  • Just point the smartphone to your TV as you do with your remote.
  • Use the buttons simply as you do with your remote.

Other Compatible Apps

All the below apps work based on Wi-Fi.

The above TV remote apps will assist us whenever you missed your remote. These apps will do all basic functionalities but to perform advanced control, then you have to use the remote.