Philips TV Universal Remote Codes: How to Program & Use

Philips TV Universal Remote Codes

Sitting in a place and having control of your device is an easy option. Sometimes, the TV may not function properly. In that case, you can use the universal remote codes to connect any remote to your TV. If your Philips TV remote is not working, you can pair any of the universal remotes using the remote codes. Let’s see what the universal remote codes are available for Philips Smart TV and how to use them.

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Philips TV Universal Remote

How to Program Universal Remote to Philips TV

  • Manually
  • Using Code Search
  • Without Codes

Steps to Program Universal Remote to Philips TV Manually

[1] Switch on the Philips Smart TV.

[2] Tap and hold the Setup button on the universal remote till the red color indicator light turns on.

[3] Tap the Mode button like TV or DVR, whichever you want.

[4] Now, type the relevant remote code.

[5] Once your device is turned on, you can tap the buttons on your remote to check whether your device responds.

[6] If it is working, you have found the correct code for your device.

[7] The same steps are to be repeated to set your remote control for other devices.

[8] If your code is authentic, then the red color indicator light gets turned off.

[9] If your code in not correct, the red light sparkles and then turns off.

[10] You have to go to Setup mode again and then type the new code.

[11] In case any buttons do not function on your TV, enter other codes and check it.

[1] Switch on the Philips Smart TV

[2] Tap and hold the Setup button on the remote.

[3] Type the 9-9-1.

[4] Now, tap and hold down the Power button on your remote.

[5] Tap the Channel Up button till your device turns off.

This method will take some time to find your key code. If you are done with the above steps, then your remote will operate for all the functions on your Philips TV.

Steps to Program Universal Remote Without Codes

[1] Turn on the Philips TV using the physical buttons.

[2] Press the device button like TV, DVD, or CBL for 3 seconds on your remote.

[3] Now, the LED light will turn on, which indicates that your device is ready to function.

[4] Focus your remote towards the device and then press CH+ and CH- buttons.

[5] Now, your remote shows On/Off signs.

[6] Tap the Up or Down button continuously until your device turns off.

[7] Confirm the code by tapping the Power button. If verified, your device will turn on.

[8] Now, tap the buttons on your remote and check whether it operates successfully.

[9] Click on the Device button in your remote to save the code. If your code is saved, the LED light will flicker twice.

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1. Where is the code list for my Philips universal remote control?

You can download the user manual from the Philips support website. The code list will be at the end of the manual.

2. How do you program a universal remote to a Philips TV?

There are three different ways to program a universal remote to a Philips Smart TV. You can use the Manual method, Code Search methods, and Without Code Search method.