Remote Control Code for Sharp TV

Code for Sharp TV

Sharp TV remotes function with codes just like any other universal remote. The most advantageous feature of a universal remote is that you need only one remote to control more devices other than your TV. When you connect your Sharp TV universal remote to other devices, you need to use the code. Before entering the codes, you need to program your device. The following section will give you information about different codes for Sharp TV. Also, find out how to program your Sharp TV Universal remote.

Code for Sharp TV

The following section will give you information regarding three-digit codes, four-digit codes, and five-digit codes for your Sharp TV.

Three-Digit Code


Four Digit Code


Five Digit Code


Code for Different Brands of Sharp TV

  • RCA Remote Codes for Sharp TV: 1004 , 1006 , 1012 , 1026 , 1029 , 1095 , 1111 , 1112 , 1113 , 1122 , 1171 , 1173 , 1196 , 1261 , 1265 , 1357 , 1372 , 1423 , 1437 ,1443 , 1447.
  • GE Universal Remote Code for Sharp TV: 0079, 0123, 0063, 0020, 0004, 0009, 0226, 0266, 0006, 0095, 0122.
  • One-For-All: 0020, 0123, 0004, 0079, 0009, 0226, 0266, 0063, 0006, 0095, 0122.
  • Philips Remote Codes for Sharp TV: 0509, 0913, 0907, 0603, 0002, 0502, 0224, 0228, 0202, 0111, 0813.
  • Magnavox Universal Remote Codes for Sharp TV: 0028, 0034, 0040, 0058.
  • Sky Remote Code for Sharp TV: 1687, 0815, 2704.
  • DIRECTV Codes for Sharp TV: 10689, 10688, 10093, 10851, 10818.
  • Comcast Xfinity Remote Code for Sharp TV: 10093, 10165, 10491, 10851, 10036, 11407, 10153, 10032, 11801, 10854, 11756, 10398.
  • Dish Network Remote Codes for Sharp TV: 026, 091, 128, 129, 105, 106, 107, 108.

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How to Program Universal Remote for Sharp TV

1. Turn on your Sharp TV and press the TV button on the universal remote.

2. On the universal remote, press and hold the Setup button.

3. You can see the Light Flash, which means your remote is in Learning mode.

4. From the above guide, enter the code that corresponds to the remote.

5. Point your remote towards the TV and long-press the Power button.

6. Wait till the device turns off.

7. Check if the universal remote works with your device.

8. If it doesn’t work, repeat the same with a different keycode.

If you find it hard to get the right code, set up the universal remote as follows.

1. Turn on your TV and long-press the Setup button on the remote.

2. Enter the three-digit code 991.

3. Press and hold the Power button.

4. Next, press the Channel Up button till the device turns off.

Program Sharp TV Universal Remote Without Code

You can program your Sharp TV Universal remote using the auto search method. In this method, the device scans the remote codes till the right one is found.

1. Turn on the Sharp TV and take the remote that you want to pair.

Code for Sharp TV

3. Press and hold the TV, DVD, CBL, and OK/SEL buttons on the remote.

3. You can make sure that the remote is ready to program with the LED light.

4. Point the remote towards the TV and press the CH+ and CH- buttons on it.

5. Keep on pressing the Up button or the Down buttons till the TV turns off.

6. When the TV turns off, press the On button on the remote.

7. With that, the TV will turn on and you can check if the TV is responding to the universal remote.

By connecting the universal remote to the Sharp TV, you can use it in emergency situations when the Sharp TV remote is not working or not functioning properly.

How to Disable Remote Code

1. Remove the batteries from the Sharp TV Universal remote.

2. Keep the remote without batteries for two minutes to drain off residual power.

3. Press and hold the Facility button to remove the facility stored in the device capacitor.

4. Now, add batteries to your universal remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you program a universal remote to a Sharp TV?

You can program a Sharp TV universal remote by using the keycodes.

2. How to turn on Sharp TV Without a Remote?

To turn on the Sharp TV without a remote, you can use the smartphone app or the physical buttons. Check our detailed guide on how to turn on Sharp TV without a remote.