How to Install VUDU on JVC Smart TV

VUDU on JVC Smart TV

There is no limit to entertainment on your JVC Smart TV. We have a lot of supported apps like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and Hulu that streams movies and TV shows. Sometimes, you don’t get enough time to spend on these apps because of your hectic schedule. Still, you need to pay the fixed subscription charge on the app. If that is the case with you, add VUDU on your JVC Smart TV. VUDU is an app where you can buy and rent your favorite movies and TV shows. However, you pay only for what you watch.

The library of the VUDU app has an extensive collection of movies and series of all genres. Also, you can find older movies and rent episodes of series. The content streams in HD with additional 4K titles.

Subscription Plans on VUDU

VUDU isn’t a subscription-based streaming service. You can buy and rent movies and TV series on the app. Also, the app hosts ad-based streaming of some movies.

Add VUDU on JVC Smart TV

As you already know, JVC Smart TV supports both Roku TV OS and Android TV OS. The following section will help you add VUDU on both of these OS.

How to Insall VUDU on JVC Roku TV

1. Turn on your JVC Roku TV and connect it to the internet connection.

2. Press the Roku TV remote’s home button.

3. On the left sidebar, select the Streaming Channels option.


4. Following that, click on the Search Channels button and search for the VUDU app.

Search for VUDU app

5. Choose VUDU from the search results.

6. Click on the Add Channel button and press the OK button.

7. Next, click on Go to Channel and launch the VUDU app on your TV.

8. Tap the Activate your device option on the screen.

9. On your web browser, visit the VUDU Activation website.

VUDU on JVC Smart TV

10. Enter the VUDU code on the website.

11. Also, complete the sign-in process by entering the required details.

VUDU on JVC Smart TV

12. Now, you get the VUDU homepage on your TV and you can start streaming the app.

VUDU on JVC Smart TV

How to Add VUDU on JVC Android TV

1. Turn on  JVC Smart TV and connect to the Wi-Fi network.

2. Select the Apps tab and launch the Google Play Store from the home screen.

3. Click on the Search bar and search for the VUDU app.

4. Select the VUDU app from the search suggestions and tap Install.

5. Then, launch the VUDU app on your TV.

6. Choose the Sign Up or Sign In option and complete the process.

Sign Up

7. Next, click on the Browse VUDU button.

Activation Complete

8. Now, buy or rent movies and watch them on your JVC Smart TV.

Now, you know all methods to access VUDU on your JVC Smart TV. You can enjoy watching a lot of titles, including series, movies, documentaries, animes, and films, with the app. Some of the amazing shows on VUDU include Mr. Bean, A little Princess, Bloodshot, and Hell’s Kitchen episodes.

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