How to Factory Reset JVC Smart TV [All Models]

How to Reset JVC Smart TV

Quick Tips

  • JVC Smart TV offers three different OSes.
  • Reset JVC Google TV: ProfileSettingsSystem AboutFactory ResetErase Everything.
  • Reset JVC Android TV: SettingsDevice PreferencesResetFactory Data ResetPINOK.
  • Reset JVC Roku TV: SettingsSystemAdvanced System SettingsFactory ResetReset CodeStart Factory Reset.

JVC Smart TVs are coming with different OSes. Recently, they have added Google TV OS to their lineup. Now, you will get JVC Smart TV on Android TV OS, Google TV OS, and Roku TV OS. If you have any software issues with your JVC Smart TV, you can reset the TV to fix the issue. When you reset a JVC Smart TV, all the data stored on the TV will be removed, and the user-preferred settings will be removed.

Factory Reset JVC Smart TV

Before resetting your JVC TV, make sure to note down all the apps installed, customized picture settings, and other user-defined options in a notepad. So that, after the reset, you can fine-tune all the settings without any hassle. Based on the OS, you have to follow different steps.

How to Reset JVC Google TV

(1). On your JVC Google TV, click the Profile icon on the top right of the screen.

Profile icon on JVC Google TV

(2). Tap the Settings icon.

Settings on JVC Google TV

(3). In the Settings menu, choose the System option.

System option

(4). Select About from the System menu.

About option on System settings

(5). Tap the Factory Reset option on the next screen.

Choose the Factory Reset to reset JVC Google TV

(6). Now, you will get the confirmation screen. Choose the Factory Reset option.

Factory Reset option

(7). Then, click the Delete Everything button.

Click Delete Everything

(8). After the reset, you have to set up your JVC Google TV from the start.

Set up JVC Google TV

How to Reset JVC Android TV

(1). Launch the JVC Android TV and connect it to the internet connection.

(2). Choose the Settings icon.

Select Settings - Reset JVC Smart TV

(3). Select Device Preferences in the Settings menu and click the Reset option.

Click Reset

(4). Tap Factory Data Reset to reset the TV and choose Erase Everything to confirm the reset in the prompt.

Select Factory Data Reset - Reset JVC Smart TV

(5). Enter the password and click Yes to reset the TV.

Enter the Password

How to Reset JVC Roku TV

(1). Turn on the JVC Roku TV and press the Home button.

(2). Select Settings on the menu and choose the System option.

Select System

(3). Click Advanced system settings in the System and choose the Factory Reset option.

Choose Factory Reset

(4). Select Factory Reset again and type the Passcode.

Type the Code

(5). Click OK to reset the TV and choose Start factory reset in the prompt.

Click Start Factory Reset to reset JVC Smart TV

How to Reset JVC Smart TV Without Remote

If your JVC TV remote is not working or out of batteries, you have to reset the TV without using the remote. For this purpose, you can use the physical buttons on the TV.

(1). Turn off the power supply for the JVC TV and remove all the wire connections.

(2). Wait for a while and connect the power cables to the TV.

(3). Turn on the JVC Smart TV. Then, hold the Menu and Volume button on the TV for more than ten seconds.

(4). Then, press and hold the Power button on the TV without removing the Menu and Volume buttons.

(5). Hold the three buttons until you see the LED flashes Blue color.

(6). After that, release all three buttons. This will reset your JVC TV to its factory settings.

(7). Then, turn on the TV and start the setup procedure.

In some models of the JVC Smart TV, you will have a pinhole button. You can use the pinhole button to reset the TV. Take a SIM opener or toothpick and hold the pinhole button for more than ten seconds. This will soft reset the JVC Smart TV.


1. How to soft reset JVC Smart TV?

If you want to reset your JVC TV without deleting the apps and settings, you can soft reset it. Remove all the wire connections on the JVC TV and keep the TV idle for 10-15 minutes. Then, turn on the TV.

2. How do you reset a JVC TV that won’t turn on?

If your JVC TV is not turning on or if you get a black screen without any picture, you have to use the physical buttons on the TV to reset it.