How to Factory Reset JVC Smart TV [All Models]

How to Reset JVC Smart TV

JVC Smart TV is one of the best smart TV with a perfect display and surround sound system. It has an extraordinary color engine to broadcast bright colors without any flaws. The smart TV comes with a reset option to transform the smart TV into new device settings when it came out of the factory. It is useful in selling the smart TV, solving the technical issues in the smart TV, and switching the user. The factory reset option deletes everything in the JVC Smart TV, and you have to set up the smart TV from the start.

Factory Reset JVC Smart TV

We have two ways to reset the JVC Smart TV since it has two different OS, Android TV OS and Roku TV OS. The factory reset option is available on the TV settings to initiate with less effort.

How to Reset JVC Android TV

(1). Launch the JVC Android TV and connect it to the internet connection.

(2). Choose the Settings icon.

Select Settings - Reset JVC Smart TV

(3). Select Device Preferences in the settings and click the Reset option.

Click Reset

(4). Tap Factory Data Reset to reset the TV and choose Erase Everything to confirm the reset in the prompt.

Select Factory Data Reset - Reset JVC Smart TV

(5). Enter the password and click Yes to reset the smart TV.

Enter the Password

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How to Reset JVC Roku TV

(1). Turn on the JVC Roku TV and press the home button.

(2). Select Settings on the menu and choose the System option.

Select System

(3). Click Advanced system settings in the System and choose the Factory Reset option.

Choose Factory Reset

(4). Select Factory Reset again and type the Passcode.

Type the Code

(5). Click OK to reset the TV and choose Start factory reset in the prompt.

Click Start Factory Reset to reset JVC Smart TV

Now the JVC Smart TV will reset to the Factory Settings and start the TV as a new device by customizing the settings. The reset function will help in improving the performance of the smart TV. Make sure you have copied the necessary data from the TV before resetting the smart TV. If you have any issues with the JVC Smart TV, please do let us know in the comments section below.