JVC Smart TV Remote Not Working: Best Fixes

JVC TV Remote not Working

Sometimes, it’s disappointing that our TV remote does not function properly. Since the remote is an important piece of equipment required to operate and perform any actions on your TV, it is a tedious task when your remote fails to work. There are times when your JVC TV remote isn’t working properly. You need not panic if such a situation arises. It’s simple to identify the problem and carry forward the fixes or the troubleshooting steps to resolve your JVC TV Remote not working.

Fixes for JVC TV Remote Not Working

Ensure TV and Remote are Paired

[1] Ensure that both your TV and the remote are connected through Bluetooth.

[2] If you’re not sure whether your TV and the remote are connected, press the Alexa button on your JVC Fire TV remote.


[3] If you spot a flickering blue light, it means that both your devices are paired.

[4] For orange light, it means that your TV and the remote are yet to be paired.

[6] If there is a red light, it means that you’re using low-power batteries which need to be replaced any time sooner.

[5] If there is no light, it means that your batteries have expired and you need to replace them.

Reset your Remote

[1] Resetting the remote means that you need to set up your remote just the way you did it for the first time when it was all new.

[2] Remember that if you’re resetting your remote, all the previously connected devices will be forgotten.

[3] Press the Left button and the Back button on the navigation wheel for 10 seconds.

JVC Android TV

[4] To ensure whether your remote has been reset, press the Alexa button. If there appears a flickering orange light, it means that your remote has been reset. Else, repeat the above steps to reset your remote.

Re-pair your Remote

[1] As mentioned earlier, if you perform a reset on your remote, it means that your remote is all new and you need pair the JVC Roku TV remote to fix the not working issue.

[2] Navigate to the Settings and over to the Bluetooth devices.

[3] Select Add a New Remote.

[4] Choose the remote and click on Select.

[5] Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

You can also use the remote codes for JVC TV to pair a universal remote. With universal remotes, you can control your JVC TV in the same way as you control it with the official remote.


1. How do I control my JVC TV without a remote?

Without a remote, you can use the JVC Smart Remote app to control the TV.

2. Where is the reset button on a JVC TV?

As of now, all the models of JVC TV don’t have the Reset button on the TV. You have you use the TV settings menu to reset the JVC Smart TV.