What is the ESPN Channel Number on Xfinity TV

What Channel is ESPN on Xfinity TV (9)
Channel NameXfinity Channel Number (USA Central Region)USA Northeastern RegionUSA Western Region
ESPN HD2021205724
ESPN2 HD2031206725
ESPNEWS HD2671210726
ESPN Deportes612604678
ESPNU HD7081301788

One of the major issues with cable TV services is that you don’t get the channel lineup and their channel number. If you are an Xfinity TV user, you will get a maximum of 185 channels. If you are a sports fan, you must keep tabs on the ESPN channel on the Xfinity network. Finding a channel number for a specific channel is too difficult. Let’s see what are the ESPN channels available on the Xfinity network and the channel number.

ESPN Channels in Xfinity

There are nine ESPN channels available on the Xfinity Stream network. ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD, ESPNEWS, ESPNEWS HD, ESPN Deportes, ESPNU HD, and ESPNU.

What Channel is ESPN on Xfinity TV

ESPN Channel Number in Xfinity

Based on your location and ZIP code, the availability of ESPN channels and the channel number will vary. You can check the list of available channels by using your ZIP code on the Xfinity support website.

Other Providers Who Offer ESPN

As ESPN is one of the popular sports channels, you can find the channel on almost all cable TV networks. Some of the ESPN-available cable TV providers are,

  • Spectrum (ESPN Channel Number 39 on Spectrum)
  • Cox (ESPN Channel Number 35 on Cox)
  • DIRECTV (ESPN Channel Number 206 on DIRECTV)
  • Verizon FIOS (ESPN Channel Number 70 on Verizon FIOS)
  • Dish (ESPN Channel Number 140 on DISH)

You can check the full list of the ESPN-available cable and live TV providers on the ESPN activation website. If you have the Xfinity TV or Xfinity Flex streaming box, you can access all the ESPN channels as a streaming app. You just have to activate the ESPN app using your Xfinity credentials.


1. What channel is ESPN on Xfinity Chicago?

For Chicago customers, the ESPN channel number on Xfinity is No.28.

2. How can I watch ESPN on TV?

The standalone ESPN app is available for many Smart TVs. You can install the ESPN app on Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, and more.