How to Set Portrait Mode on Samsung TV

Portrait mode on Samsung TV

Quick Tips

  • Portrait Mode is available for Samsung Sero TVs and Samsung Frame TVs.
  • Press the Rotate Button to switch the TV to Portrait Mode.

In general, all the Smart TVs are programmed with the Landscape Mode. This is due to the TV’s screen resolution. But for some TVs like Samsung Sero TV and Samsung Frame TVs, you can change the default Landscape Mode to Portrait Mode. In the Sero TV, you can rotate the screen and watch movies and games horizontally. It can be flipped vertically with a touch of a button. In that case, Portrait Mode is recommended.

How to Enable Portrait Mode on Samsung TV

You can enable Portrait Mode on your TV in the following ways;

  • Using TV remote
  • Via SmartThings app
  • From Settings

Using TV Remote

If you’re using the Samsung Sero Smart TVs, you can change the mode to portrait by clicking a button.

[1] Launch your Sero Smart TV.

[2] If your TV is in Landscape mode, press the Rotate button on your remote control.

Press Rotate button

[3] Now, your TV will be set to Portrait mode.

[4] To set the contents in portrait mode, press the Select button on the content screen.

[5] Navigate left or right to change the content category.

[6] Now, move to the desired content and navigate up or down to select.

You can also switch the TV to Portrait Mode by tapping the Voice Command button on Samsung TV. Press the Voice Command button and say “Enable the Portrait Mode” or “Rotate Vertically.” The Bixby assistant on your Samsung TV will access the voice commands and change the TV to Portrait Mode.

Press Mic/Bixby button on Samsung remote control

Using SmartThings App

SmartThings is a universal remote control app to control Samsung hardware devices and appliances by using smartphones. So, enable portrait mode by using the SmartThings app on Samsung smart TV.

[1] Install the SmartThings app on your smartphone via AppStore or Play Store.

SmartThings app to set portrait mode on Samsung TV

[2] Launch the app and sign in with credentials.

[3] After that, connect the SmartThings app to your Samsung Sero Smart TV or the Samsung Frame TV.

[4] Navigate TV Control and click the Rotate button on your smartphone.

[5] The TV will switch to Portrait Mode.

Samsung Sero Smart TV Portrait Mode

You can also turn on Auto-rotate TV to enable the feature automatically. If you are watching TikTok videos on Samsung TV from a smartphone, it will automatically switch to Portrait Mode. The above-mentioned two methods are available only for the Sero and Frame TV models. For older models, you have to change the mode from the Settings menu.

How to Change Mode on Samsung TV Using Settings [Older Models]

[1] Grab the remote control and press the Home button.

[2] Select the Menu and click the OnScreen Display option.

Click OnScreen Display

[3] Navigate to the Display Orientation option.

Navigate Display Orientation

[4] Now, change the Display Orientation from Landscape to Portrait.

Click Portrait on Samsung TV

[5] After that, your TV screen will be on Portrait mode.


1. Can the Samsung Frame TVs be mounted in Portrait Mode?

Yes, the Samsung Frame TV can be mounted vertically. You can also get Portrait art from the Art Mode on Samsung TV.