How to Fix Samsung TV Black Screen of Death

learn to fix samsung tv black screen of death

Smart TVs let you stream media content in the best quality. Samsung TV is one of the best smart TVs that supports hundreds of streaming apps and games. However, sometimes the Samsung TV users come across an issue called, Black Screen of Death. It is nothing but the TV’s screen goes completely black and does not show any content, but it produces the sound of streaming. It may be because of the connection issues and it can be solved easily. Learn to fix the Samsung TVs black screen of death issue.

Causes for Samsung TV Black Screen of Death

Sone of the common reasons for Samsung TV’s black screen death.

  • Poor connection
  • Damaged external cables
  • Hardware failure
  • Problems with external sources
  • Outdated firmware
  • Processor overheating
  • Thermal shutdown

How to Fix Samsung TV Black Screen of Death Issue

After deep research, we have brought you the best 12 solutions to use when your Samsung TV has a black screen of death issue.

  • Check the cable connection
  • Power cycle your TV
  • Check the input source
  • Set the correct input
  • Check the remote
  • Disable the sleep time settings
  • Check the energy-saving mode
  • Picture and backlight settings
  • Check the store and demo mode
  • Use voltage management devices
  • Update Firmware
  • Factory reset Samsung TV

Check the Cable Connection

First, you need to check all the cables that you have connected with your TVs like power cable, input cable, DVR cables, and more.

  • Check whether all the cables are connected properly to the TV.
  • To confirm the proper connection, plug out all the cables and replug it again properly.
  • You can also check for the damage to the cables. If damaged, replace the cables.
  • Try to input the power cable into some other port.

After checking up the cables, turn on the TV and follow the steps given below to check the signal of your TV.

1. Go to Settings >> Support >> Device Care >> Self Diagnosis.

2. Under the Self Diagnosis, click on the Signal Information option to check the signal strength of your TV.

Power Cycle Samsung TV

Next, you can power cycle the TV to solve the issue. For that, you have to plug out the power cable from the port and replug it again after a few minutes. If the problem is with your TV, this will solve it.

power cycle your samsung tv if you get samsung tv black screen of death

Check the Input Source

Samsung TV’s black screen appears maybe because of the problems with external sources. So, check the external sources you have connected like streaming devices, set-top-boxes, and more. Make sure that the external devices are connected properly, and the cables are tight. If the problem is not with your TV, this fix will help you. You can also check the HDMI Settings on the Samsung TV.

Set the Correct Input

As you can connect various input sources to Samsung TV, you have to choose the correct input for your streaming. If you select the wrong input, you will get a black screen of death on your Samsung TV. To check that,

1. Press the External Power Source button on the remote.

2. On the screen, choose Input Settings and check whether the correct input is selected.

3. If you don’t use a particular device, disable it from the list.

4. Finally, save the changes you made.

Check the Remote

Your remote may also cause a black screen of death problem on your TV. So, to check the remote, take the remote and hold it in front of the camera app on your smartphone. If you see the light flashing, then the remote works properly. If not, you need to reset the Samsung TV remote or replace the old batteries.

check the remote

Disable the Sleep Time Settings

The Sleep Timer feature allows your TV turns off automatically when not in use. This saves power consumption. But this also is the problem for the black screen. So, you can disable the option in your TV’s settings.

1. Press the Smart Hub button on the remote and choose Settings.

2. Tap System Manager and choose Time from the drop-down menu.

3. Select Sleep Timer and then turn off the option.

turn off sleep timer samsung if you get samsung tv black screen of death

Check the Energy Saving Mode

Samsung TV comes with an Energy Saving Mode. You might receive a black screen if this option is enabled. So, disable the option to solve the problem.

1. Navigate to Settings on your Samsung TV.

2. Tap General and choose the Eco Solution.

tap eco solution if you get samsung tv black screen of death

3. Click Power Saving Mode and turn off the option.

turn off power saving mode

Picture and Backlight Settings

The backlight of the TV will also cause the problem of a black screen of death. So, you can modify the backlight and picture settings on your Samsung TV.

1. Go to Settings on your TV.

2. Tap Picture or Display option.

adjust the brightness  if you get samsung tv black screen of death

3. Under the option, click Picture Mode Settings and set the display to the Standard mode.

4. You can also check for the backlight range to change it.

5. Keep the brightness of the TV up to 50 percent so that you get a bright screen.

6. Finally, check whether your problem is solved.

Check the Store and Demo Mode

Most of the Samsung TVs come with the Demo mode to display various qualities of the TV. This feature is more useful for the vendors to show the difference. There is a chance of getting a black screen because this option is enabled. So, turn off the store and demo mode on your TV.

1. Go to Settings >> General.

2. Tap System Manager and tap the Usage Mode.

3. Enter the pin 0000 if asked. If asked, set one.

4. Under that, tap Demo Mode or Home Mode and disable the option.

Use Voltage Management Devices

Most of the time, a black screen appears because of a fluctuating power source which causes overheating or malfunction in the display. So, to get a balanced supply try to use UPS or a stabilizer. This will help you to avoid the black screen problem.

use the stabilizer

Update Samsung TV’s Firmware

You can also try to update your Samsung TV. Updating to the latest firmware also can help you resolve the issue.

1. Navigate to Settings and tap Support.

2. Click Software Update in the Support.

3. Choose Update Now if there is any update available.

tap update if you get samsung tv black screen of death

Factory Reset Samsung TV

Finally, after trying out all the fixes given above, you can factory reset your Samsung TV. This will surely help you to solve the problem. But think twice before factory resetting because it will erase all the data on your TV.

1. Go to Settings and choose Support.

2. Click Self Diagnosis and tap the Reset option.

tap reset if you get samsung tv black screen of death

3. Enter the PIN and click Yes to confirm to reset Samsung TV.

You can use it to solve the Samsung TV black screen of death. The Black Screen of Death may appear on every smart TV, including LG Smart TV and you can easily recover from the problem. In case of any doubts with the above guide, then please mention them in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when your TV screen is black?

If your TV is in black, you cannot stream anything on the TV, but you can hear the sound.

What causes the Samsung TV black screen of death?

There are several reasons for the black screen on Samsung TV. They are Poor connections, Damaged external cables, and Hardware failure.