How to Change Source on Samsung Smart TV

How to Change Source on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV controls are easy for the users to navigate from one feature to others. The Smart TV comes with multiple HDMI and USB ports to connect to various input sources. There are different input sources, such as HDMI-connected devices and a USB drive available for streaming on the TV. As you have more than one input, you can easily switch your video and audio inputs. You need to change the source on the Samsung Smart TV to stream the content from other input sources.

How to Change Source on Samsung Smart TV

The Source button helps to change the HDMI source of the TV instantly. You can find the source button next to the power button on the remote. The icon for this button looks like a square with an arrow pointing inward.

1) Turn on the Samsung Smart TV and locate the Source button on the TV Remote.

Press Source button to change source on Samsung Smart TV

2) Press the Source button and it drops the list of Input sources available. Move to the desired source with the help of the left and right keys on the remote.

All Active sources are displayed

3) Once you located the source, press the center input button to change the Input Source on the Samsung TV.

Thus, the TV source gets changed, and the TV receives signals from that source. In addition, the source menu opens automatically whenever you plug the other streaming sources into the TV. The active sources will be available in a bright color. The sources that are available in grey color are inactive sources, which means the source is not connected.

How to Change Source on New Samsung Smart TV Models

Newer models of Samsung TVs that were released after 2016 have a smart remote control. These remote control does not have a source button. In such cases, you can use the Smart Hub to change the TV input source.

1) Launch the Samsung Smart TV and press the Home button on the TV remote. It will take you to the Smart Hub on TV.

Press Home button

2) At the bottom of the page, you can find sources with its icon. Go to Source using the circle pad control on the remote.

3) Press Enter to select the Source. It displays the list of active sources.

Select the desired source to change

4) Select the desired source, and now TV’s input will change to the selected source.

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How to Change Source on Older Samsung TV

The remote control and TV settings may vary slightly from model to model. If your remote doesn’t have a source button and a Home button, then do the following.

1) Power on the Samsung TV and press the Menu button on the remote. You can get the source from the Standard Menu.

Press Menu button

2) Scroll down in the drop-down menu on the TV screen and select Source.

3) Now, it displays all the input sources that are currently active and also the inactive sources. Choose the Source to change the input signal to the TV.

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Change the Source on Samsung TV without Remote Control

Without a remote, it may be difficult to operate the TV. However, the basic controls are available on the TV itself. In order to switch the source on Samsung TV without a remote, there are two options, namely the menu button and control stick. In the left panel of the TV, locate the Source button. Pressing the source button will allow you to switch the source. If you have a Joystick control stick, do the following.

1) Using the Joystick, press the menu button, and it opens the menu on the TV.

Change source on Samsung Smart TV without remote

2) You can find the source menu option. By moving the joystick to the left, you can select the source option. Now it opens the list of sources available.

3) Navigate to the desired source and now press the button on the joystick to select the source.

Nowadays, Smartphones can be used as a remote for the TV. There are apps that convert your phone into a remote, and you can change your TV controls from the phone. It works in the same way as a normal TV remote. You can download such apps from Play Store and App Store. But make sure that you connect your Smartphones and TV to the same network in order to make these apps work correctly.

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1. How to change the source name on Samsung Smart TV?

It is possible to change the source name by labeling them. This feature is more beneficial when you are connecting two game consoles to TV Simultaneously. You can go to the Source on the TV and click Edit or Edit Name option to change the source name.

2. How to change the input source to HDMI1?

For instance: Your cable box is connected to the HDMI1 port on the TV. Press the Source button on the remote until you see HDMI1 and select it.

3. How to set the default source on Samsung TV?

To set the default source on Samsung TV, do the following.
In Settings>>Select Video input>>Choose configured devices>>Select the input.
The selected source will be set as a default.