LG Smart TV Remote Not Working: Fixes

LG TV Remote Not working

LG TV models come with a well-designed and handy remote. You have two versions of LG TV remotes, the Standard remote and the Magic remote. A Standard LG TV remote is flat and handy. At the same time, the Magic remote has a trackball in its center with a mouse-like pointer on your screen. Just like any device you have, it is possible that your LG remote, Standard or Magic, might stop working. That is why we have compiled a bunch of useful troubleshooting tips to fix an LG TV Remote that is not working.

LG TV Remote Not Working: Troubleshooting Tips

Check Your Batteries

LG TV Remote batteries

As you know, if the batteries on your remote are dead or drained, it won’t work as you expect it to. If none of the buttons on your remote works, try replacing the LG TV remote. Make sure that you use only new batteries on your device. This is because you shouldn’t mix and use new batteries with older ones.

Clear the IR Sensor Line of Sight

The LG TV remotes have a few functions on them that work with the Infrared Ray (IR Ray). This includes buttons like Power OFF, Power ON, and switching channels UP and Down that work via Infrared Light Ray (IR). That is why you need to clear the line of sight of the Infrared Ray so that nothing interferes.

Check if the Contact Pad is Working

LG TV Remote not Working

If the volume buttons and the buttons to change the channels on your remote aren’t working, check your contact pad. You can fix any issues on the contact pad by disassembling the remote control and cleaning the contact pads. You can use an alcohol-based cleaner for the same deal.

Make sure that the Remote is Paired

Sometimes, the remote might not pair with the TV because of a few reasons. Check if the following requirements are met once your pair it.

1. Make sure that your TV is turned on.

2. Ensure that all other LG TVs nearby are turned off. This will prevent the remote from connecting to other TVs.

3. Make sure that your remote control is right next to the TV. This will give you the necessary high Bluetooth signal strength between the remote and the TV.

Re-register the Remote

If you have a Magic remote that isn’t working, un-register and re-register the remote.

1. Press and hold the Back and Home buttons for five seconds continuously till the red LED light blinks.

2. This will de-register the Magic Remote from your TV.

3. Press the mouse pointer key below the D-Pad on your remote.

4. If there is no mouse pointer key, you can press the scroll wheel.

5. That will re-pair the remote to your TV.

Restart your TV

Whenever the remote stops working, it is not always because of a faulty remote. What if your TV isn’t responding properly to the remote control? So, try restarting your TV.  

LG TV Remote not Working

1. Unplug the LG TV from the power source by removing the power plug.

2. Keep it unplugged for a minimum of thirty seconds.

3. Connect the device back to power.

4. Try using the remote and check if it works.

If this doesn’t work, you will have to get a new remote or use a remote app as a substitute.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you reset the LG TV remote?

Tap and hold the Back and Home button on the LG Smart TV for five seconds to reset it.

2. How do I unlock my LG TV Key Lock?

Go to Menu –> Lock –> Key Lock –> Off to unlock the feature.