How to Watch Dailymotion on LG Smart TV

Dailymotion on LG Smart TV

If you are looking for an alternative to YouTube, Dailymotion is the best choice that offers HD videos on music, sports, and news. But the Dailymotion app is not available for LG Smart TVs. Luckily, the latest LG Smart TVs have Chromecast built-in feature. So, you can use your smartphone or tablet to cast Dailymotion videos on LG Smart TV.

Alternatively, you can use browsers like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to cast Dailymotion content from a Windows or Mac PC. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can stream Dailymotion videos on LG TV using Apple AirPlay.

How to Watch Dailymotion on LG Smart TV

Although Dailymotion is unavailable for LG Smart TV, there are some other ways to stream it.

  • Chromecast Dailymotion using a phone/tablet
  • Cast Dailymotion using a desktop/laptop
  • Watch Dailymotion using Apple AirPlay

How to Chromecast Dailymotion using an Android or iOS Device

#1 Connect your LG Smart TV to WIFI. Make sure that the casting device and LG TV are on the same WIFI network.

#2 Install Dailymotion from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone or iPad).

#3 Open the Dailymotion app and complete the log-in process.

#4 Click on the Cast icon in the app and select your LG Smart TV.

Select Cast to Watch Dailymotion on LG Smart TV

#5 Within a few minutes, the app starts casting on your LG Smart TV screen.

#6 Finally, select any title to play and stream it on your TV.

How to Cast Dailymotion from a PC to an LG Smart TV

#1 Connect your PC to the LG Smart TV-connected WiFi Network.

#2 Launch Google Chrome and visit the Dailymotion website.

Dailymotion official website

#3 Log in to your Dailymotion account and click the three vertical dots icon in the browser.

#4 Scroll down and choose the Cast option in the menu.

Select Cast to watch Dailymotion on LG Smart TV

#5 Select the LG Smart TV and connect to it.

#6 Click the Sources drop-down and choose the Cast tab to watch Dailymotion videos.

How to AirPlay Dailymotion to LG Smart TV

Before getting into the steps, you need to turn on AirPlay on your LG Smart TV. Meanwhile, visit the LG TV support website to check if your LG TV is compatible with AirPlay 2.

#1 Connect your LG Smart TV and iPhone or iPad to the same WIFI network.

#2 Open the Dailymotion app on your iPhone or iPad.

#3 Play any video that you would like to watch on LG TV.

#4 When it starts playing, click the AirPlay icon on the video player.

Click the AirPlay icon on Dailymotion

Tip: If the AirPlay icon is not visible in the player, open your device’s Control Center and click the AirPlay icon.

#5 Select your LG Smart TV from the available devices.

Finally, the selected video will play on your LG Smart TV via AirPlay.


Can you cast Dailymotion on all LG Smart TV models?

You can cast Dailymotion videos only if your LG Smart TV has a Chromecast built-in. If not available, you can use a Chromecast device for casting.