How to Stream Dailymotion on LG Smart TV

Dailymotion on LG Smart TV

Dailymotion is a much-loved application for watching and sharing videos on various devices. It is a French-based streaming service and was developed by Vivendi and launched in 2005. This application is available in different countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, South Korea, India, Australia, and Japan. The app is combined music, news, and sports app for all of your devices. You can watch Dailymotion videos on the LG Smart TV.

You can keep yourself updated with world news earlier than others with Dailymotion. Dailymotion is available in 183 different devices and 43 localized versions in different regions. This international app is much loved by everyone wherever it is available. Daily Plus is a daily section in the app that gives you the latest and trending topics on relevant. You can save the videos from the app offline and stream them without the internet.

How to Stream Dailymotion on LG Smart TV

Dailymotion app is currently unavailable in the LG Content Store to install on the LG Smart TV. You can cast the Dailymotion app to the TV from Smartphone and PC.

Stream Dailymotion from Smartphone

#1 Power on your LG Smart TV and connect it to the same Wi-Fi network as your smartphone.

#2 Open the smartphone and install Dailymotion from the Google Play Store or App Store.

#3 Launch the Dailymotion app and complete the log-in process.

#4 Click on the Cast icon in the app and select your LG Smart TV from your device.

Select Cast to Watch Dailymotion on LG Smart TV

#5 Within a few minutes, the app starts casting on your LG Smart TV screen.

#6 Finally, select any title to play and stream it on your TV.

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Stream Dailymotion from PC

#1 Start your PC and connect the PC to the LG Smart TV-connected Wi-Fi Network.

#2 Launch the Google Chrome browser and visit the Dailymotion Website.

#3 Log in to your Dailymotion account and click the three vertical dots icon in the browser.

Dailymotion website

#4 Scroll down and choose the Cast option in the menu.

Select Cast to watch Dailymotion on LG Smart TV

#5 Select the LG Smart TV and connect to it.

#6 Click the Sources drop-down and choose the Cast tab to watch Dailymotion alone on the TV.

By adding the Dailymotion app, keep yourself updated about all the latest global and local events. Also, you can find a lot of trending topics on about everything on the Dailymotion app. If you have any issues with the above procedure, please do let us know in the comments section below.

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