How to Stream Vimeo on LG Smart TV

Vimeo on LG Smart TV

Vimeo is a streaming app to watch videos in HD quality of the favorite creators. The app streams the videos without any ads and it has a save option to download the videos for offline streaming. It will fetch videos to the categories, creators and it also has other filter options. The Explore section helps in identifying the various types of videos as well as the trending videos. You can get the Vimeo app on the LG Smart TV and watch your favorite videos.

Vimeo app is free to stream the videos and it has subscription plans for uploading videos, cloud storage space. The app has plenty of customization options to modify the feed and the interface. You can also send videos to others privately in the app. It offers share option to share links through social media apps. The app provides a live streaming facility and it also has lots of managing tools for smooth accessibility.

How to Stream Vimeo on LG Smart TV

Vimeo app is unavailable on the LG Smart TV and thereby, you have to cast the smartphone or PC to watch the Vimeo.

How to Stream Vimeo from Smartphone

We all know that the Vimeo app has Chromecast support to stream the contents on the TV instantly.

(1). Ensure that the smartphone and the LG Smart TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

(2). Launch the Google Play Store and search for the Vimeo app.

(3). Install the Vimeo app and open the app on the smartphone.

(4). Log in to your Vimeo account and select the Cast icon at the top.

Click Cast to watch Vimeo on LG Smart TV

(5). Choose the LG Smart TV to connect and stream the videos on the TV.

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How to Stream Vimeo from PC

The Google Chrome browser is essential for streaming Vimeo on the LG Smart TV from the PC. It requires a common internet connection between the PC and the LG Smart TV.

(1). Start the PC and launch the Google Chrome browser.

(2). Visit the Vimeo website on the browser and select Log In.

Log in to Vimeo account

(3). Enter the Vimeo account details and select the three vertical dots icon.

(4). Choose the Cast option in the menu and select the LG Smart TV.

Click Cast

(5). Connect to the LG Smart TV and click the Sources drop-down.

(6). Select the Cast tab to stream Vimeo alone on the LG Smart TV.

Vimeo is an amazing app to view the creator’s videos for free and you can also upload your own videos on this platform. It also has handpicked playlist to watch the best videos in one go. If you have any doubts about the above article, mention it in the comments section below.