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Food making and exploring videos will make us stick to the TV screen. DIscovery has a TV channel dedicated to Food and it is the Food Network TV channel. Food Network GO is a streaming app to watch the TV channel and it is compatible with many Smart TVs. It offers live streaming of Food Network TV channel with the TV guide for looking at the schedule and upcoming shows. You can watch the Food Network contents on the LG Smart TV through the Food Network GO app.

Food Network GO app is free with the TV provider subscription and it does not have a separate subscription. Some of the TV providers are Dish, YouTube TV, Verizon, Hulu, DirecTV, Cox, fuboTV, Spectrum, and more. It has a download facility to save the contents for offline streaming. You can add the contents to the Watchlist for streaming later. The app has classified the content into genres for faster reach and it provides a subtitle for the contents.

Stream Food Network on LG Smart TV

The LG Smart TV does not have the Food Network GO app in the LG Content Store. The alternative way to stream Food Network TV channel is by casting and you can do casting from your smartphone and PC.

How to Cast Food Network on LG Smart TV Using Smartphone

(1). Ensure that the LG Smart TV and the smartphone are connected to the same WiFi Network.

(2). Select the Google Play Store to open and browse for the Food Network app.

(3). Choose the Food Network GO app and install the Food Network GO app on the smartphone.

(4). Open the Food Network GO app and sign in to your TV provider subscription.

(5). Click the Cast icon and choose the LG Smart TV from available devices.

Select Cast icon - Food Network on LG Smart TV

(6). Connect to the LG Smart TV and choose the TV shows to stream on the TV.

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How to Cast Food Network GO on LG Smart TV Using PC

(1). Connect the LG Smart TV and the PC to the same WiFi connection.

(2). Launch the Google Chrome browser and go to the Food Network website.

Food Network website

(3). Click the Customize and control Google Chrome icon (three vertical dots) in the browser.

(4). Choose the Cast option and select the LG Smart TV to connect.

Choose Cast option

(5). Tap the Sources drop-down and click the Cast tab to stream the Food Network website alone.

(6). Log in to your TV provider subscription and watch the streaming on the LG Smart TV.

Food Network is an excellent TV channel to stream innovative food recipe videos. The top TV shows in the Food Network GO app are Restaurant: Impossible, Guy’s Grocery Games, Chopped, Baking Championship, Supermarket Stakeout, The Pioneer Woman, Holiday Wars, and more. If you have any issues with the Food Network GO app, mention them in the comments section.