How to Listen to Apple Music on Philips Smart TV

install Apple Music on Philips Smart TV

There are a lot of music streaming apps available. One of the top-most music listening apps is Apple Music. It offers more than 90 million songs to listen and it is all ad-free. From Apple Music, you can listen to your favorite songs, albums, and artists. The app lets you create your playlist with your favorite songs and you can also share the playlist with your friends. You can install and listen to Apple Music on Philips Smart TV.

Apple Music gives you a personalized list in Listen Now tab based on the listening history. It allows you to search for the songs quickly even with lyrics. If you want, you can download the songs to listen to offline. In addition to listening to music, you can watch interviews, live performances by your favorite artists as well. You can sing along with the songs with synced lyrics.

Apple Music Subscription Plans

Apple Music offers three different subscription plans to the users. They are,

  • Individual Plan – $9.99 per month and $99.99 per annum
  • Students Plan – $4.99 per month
  • Family Plan – $14.99 per month

How to Stream Apple Music on Philips Smart TV

Philips Smart TV is available in two variants, namely Philips Android TV and Philips Roku TV. Unfortunately, Apple Music is unavailable on both TV OS. So, let’s look at the alternative methods.

Cast Apple Music on Philips Android TV

1. Connect your Android and Philips Android TV to the same network connection.

2. Install the Apple Music app from Google Play Store.

3. Launch the Apple Music app and sign in with your iCloud account.

4. Play the music that you want to listen to from the Apple Music app.

5. Now, tap the Cast icon at the top of the screen.

Click Cast icon

6. Choose your Philips Android TV from the available devices.

7. Upon successful connection, the selected music will play on your Philips Android TV.

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Stream Apple Music on Philips Roku TV

1. Make sure to connect your iPhone and Philips Roku TV under the same WiFi network.

2. Launch the Apple Music app on the iPhone.

3. Login with your Apple ID in the Apple Music app.

4. Select the song to play and choose the AirPlay option.

Click AirPlay icon to Stream Apple Music on Philips Smart TV

5. Then, select your Philips Roku TV to connect.

6. Finally, select and play any music that will play on your Philips Roku TV.

Apple Music brings you the best and favorite songs at your fingertips. On this app, you will find different kinds of music tracks. Currently, Apple Music is available in around 200 countries. On the whole, Apple Music can be your stress-buster. In case of any queries, please mention them in the comments section below.