Best Games to Play on LG Smart TV

LG TV Games

LG Smart TV is one of the biggest names in the Smart TV industry. The irreplaceable streaming quality and best technology in development is the due reason for its popularity. The LG TV has a built-in LG Content Store that is rich with apps of different genres, including live TV, movie shows, sports, news, and more. Also, this app-rich content store of LG Smart TV has games as well. Let’s see what the best games available for LG Smart TVs are and how to play them.

As of now, there are 170+ games available on the LG Content Store. Apart from that, you can also connect gaming consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Wii to LG Smart TV and play games. If you are a hardcore gamer, you can buy LG TVs that are specifically designed for gaming purposes, like LG OLED TVs.

Best LG TV Games

  • Stadia
  • Mahjong
  • Spot the Not
  • Kaboom
  • Animal Pang Pang
  • SmartTruco
  • Agent Sudoku
  • Boombrick
  • Crazy Duck
  • Quizz Master
  • TV Soccer

Before getting into the games, make sure that you have turned on the Game Mode on LG Smart TV. With the Game mode, you will get the best gaming experience on your LG TV.


Stadia is Google’s cloud gaming platform that was released on LG Smart TV in 2021. The platform focuses on users 12+ years of age. Also, you can be considered the app to be a single window to access amazing games on your TV.

  • You can access this app in different languages, including German, English, Spanish, French, and Italian.
  • Also, his app is 56.8 MB in size and has a rating of 4.5 stars in the LG Content Store.
  • In addition, you can download the Stadia for free. But, you need to buy the games to play them.
  • Moreover, this platform has video games of up to 4K resolution with 60 frames per second with HDR support.


Mahjong is a tile-based mind sport that improves your observation skills and memory. The history of Mahjong dates back to the 19th Century in China. Anyone interested in playing Mahjong can download this game on your TV from the Content Store.

LG TV Games
  • This game developed by UANGEL focused on users of all ages and was released in 2010 on the platform.
  • All you have to do is pair two tiles with the same picture in the game. Also, make sure that the direction of the line is changed two times.
  • In addition, this Mahjong game has hints that will help you to play the game easier.

Spot the Not

Spot the Not is an interesting classic spot the difference game that you can find in the LG Content Store. This game focuses on users of all age categories. Spot the Not was developed by UANGEL and was released in 2011 on the platform.

LG TV Games
  • This game features images of cute characters which is similar to one another.
  • Spot the Not is the best game for you to have a fun time on your TV.
  • The two pictures might have five differences that you need to find. Also, each time you miss a difference, you lose one life.
  • Also, the app gives you hints if you find it difficult to spot the differences.


Kaboom game also focuses on users of all ages. The game was developed by Accedo Broadband (AB) and was released in 2011. Aceedo is a leading app developer for Smart TVs in over 25 countries and was founded in 2004.

  • You need to clear the enemy mines that are surrounding your battleship.
  • If you don’t clear the mines, you will go Kaboom!.
  • Moreover, it is a fun game that has a time limit for playing.

Animal Pang Pang

Animal Pang Pang is an interesting game developed by MINIGATE and was released on the platform in 2012. Users of all age categories can play this game on their LG Smart TVs.

Animal Pang pang
  • Animal Pang Pang is the best game for anyone looking for a game to pass your time.
  • Also, the game is very addictive that you might find yourself not being able to stop playing it.
  • In the game, you need to match cards without using more than three lines.


SmartTruco is a popular trick-taking card game that you can download on your LG TV. This game focuses on LG TV users who are 16 yrs and above in age. It was developed by andreseller and released on the platform in 2012.

Smart Truco
  • SmartTruco has different language options, including English (UK), Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • Multiple players can join SmartTruco with its Android app.
  • Also, if you are playing the game on your smartphone, you can access the game on your LG TV.

Agent Sudoku

Soduku is a really popular game that needs no introduction. Agent Sudoku game was developed by UANGEL and was released in the LG TV Content Store in 2010. The game includes a 9×9 grid. You need to enter numbers in the remaining boxes following the rules.

Agent Sudoku
  • Also, users of all age categories enjoy playing Sudoku on their Smart TV.
  • By playing Agent Sodoku, you can improve concentration, mathematical skills, and reasoning skills.
  • Additionally, if you find it hard to play the game, you can get a maximum of five hints in Agent Sudoku.


Boombrick was developed by Accedo Broadband (AB) and was released on LG TV in 2011. Accedo has been providing interesting games on Smart TVs in different countries. Users of all age categories find playing Boombrick Game interesting.

Boombrick Game
  • The game features a game field that you need to clear with the playing tiles by dropping the tiles over the blocks that you wish to remove.
  • Also, you need to clear the field in a fixed time.

Crazy Duck

Crazy Duck is a game focused on users of age four and above. This game was developed by BUSIDOL and was released in the LG Content Store in 2014. Crazy Duck supports only one language, English (UK).

LG TV Games
  • Crazy Duck is updated with new levels, ducks, and added items to make the game more interesting.
  • You can play Crazy Duck on your smartphones and sync your gameplay.
  • Also, you can earn rubies on Crazy Duck by connecting with the app every single day.

Quizz Master

As the name itself suggests, Quizz Master is a quiz-based game. It has a rating of three stars by the users in the LG Content Store. It is another game developed by Accedo Broadband (AB) and added to the platform in 2013.

Quizz Master
  • Each round in Quizz Master includes ten questions with four answer options to choose from.
  • You get around twenty seconds to choose an answer. Also, if you choose the answer faster, you get more points.

TV Soccer Game

TV Soccer Game is a game that is specially developed for your LG TV. The game has a three-star rating in the Content Store. TV Soccer Game was developed by LG RUSSIA R&D Lab and introduced in the Content Store in 2014.

LG TV Games
  • Users of all the age categories in the LG TV enjoy playing the TV Soccer game on their devices.
  • Also, the users of LG TV can access this game in two languages, including English and Russian.
  • You need to trick the goalkeeper and score as many goals as you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does LG TV have games?

Yes, you can find interesting and simple games to play in the LG Content Store.

2. How do I download games on my LG Smart TV?

You can download games on LG TV in the same way as you download apps on LG Smart TV.