How to Reset Hitachi TV to Factory Settings

How To Reset Hitachi TV

Hitachi TV is one of the impressive smart TV models with an excellent display and audio settings. After closing down Hitachi’s own manufacturing, the recent models of TVs are manufactured by Vestel, a Turkish company. Just like any other smart TV, Hitachi TV comes up with certain issues as well. By resetting devices, you can fix minor issues on it easily. The same is the case with your Hitachi TV. You can perform a reset on the Hitachi TV to fix most issues on it.

How to Factory Reset Hitachi TV

Let’s discuss different methods to reset your Hitachi TV in the following section.

With the Remote

You can easily factory reset your Hitachi TV using the physical remote.

Quick Guide: Press the MENU button on your remote > Installation > First time installation > Click on OK > Select Yes > Click on OK.

1. Press the MENU button on your Hitachi TV remote.


2. From the menu, navigate to and select the Installation option.

3. Next, select the First time installation option and click on OK.

4. Select the Yes option and press the OK button.

5. With that, your TV turns off and then restarts.

6. Finally, you can set up your Hitachi TV settings as necessary.

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How to Reset Hitachi TV Without the Remote

With the help of the physical buttons on your TV, you can also factory reset the TV.

1. Initially, turn off your Hitachi TV.

2. On the remote, press and hold the INPUT button along with the POWER button on it.

Power button

3. Wait till the Service Menu appears on your screen.

4. Using the Up and Down buttons on the device, navigate to the Reset/Restore/Clear All Data option.

5. This will reset your TV. Similarly, you can also reset the Philips Smart TV without a remote.

How to Power Reset Hitachi TV

how to reset Hitachi TV

If you wish to perform a Power Restart on your Hitachi TV as follows.

1. Initially, turn your Hitachi TV off.

2. Remove the power cord of your TV from the power source.

3. Keep the device unplugged for thirty seconds and drain off residual power in it.

4. Turn on your Hitachi TV after the required time.

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How to Reset Hitachi TV to Factory Settings

You can perform a factory reset on your TV as follows.

Quick Guide: Press the MENU button > Settings > Storage and Reset > Factory data Reset > Erase Everything> Enter Security PIN > click on OK.

1. Initially, turn on your TV and press the MENU button on your remote.


2. Open the Settings menu on your TV.

3. Select the Storage and Reset option from the menu.

4. Choose the Factory Data Reset option and then the Erase everything option.

5. Enter the security PIN to initiate the Factory reset.

Note: The default pin includes 0000, 1234, 1111, 7777, or 9999.

6. Finally, press the OK option on the reset confirmation page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hard reset a Hitachi TV?

You can perform a hard reset on your TV as follows. Press the MENU button on your remote > Installation > First time installation > Click on OK > Select Yes > Click on OK.

Where is the reset button on the HitachiTV?

There is no reset button available on your Hitachi TV.

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