How to Reset RCA TV to Factory Settings

How to Reset RCA TV

RCA [Radio Corporation of America] has been a well-known brand in the electronics industry over the years. RCA offers both Smart and non-smart TVs. The Smart models run Roku TV or LG WebOS with access to online streaming services. RCA doesn’t offer a wide range of sizes and features, but there are some models that are good in their features and cost-effective. Problems usually occur in all electronics brands and RCA is not an exception. In order to fix the issue, you have to reset the RCA TV. You can also reset the TV in order to revoke from not working condition. Let us see how to reset RCA TV to factory settings.

How to Factory Reset RCA TV

Factory reset or hard reset will set the TV to default settings that the manufacturer had set them. This process will remove all customized TV settings, channels tuned, custom input names, applications, favorite and stored passwords. To do so,

1) Power on the RCA TV and locate the Menu button on the RCA TV remote. Now press the Menu button.

2) It displays the list of the menu list. Scroll down and select the Options menu.

3) Search for Reset in the sub-menu and select it in order to perform the full reset.

Now select OK so that the TV starts its reset operation. This process may take a while. Wait for the process to complete. Make sure that you should not turn off your TV until the process completes.

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How to Power Cycle RCA TV

Power cycling is usually the very first step to take if your TV has issues. It is quick and easy to perform.

1) Turn off the TV and unplug the power cord from the socket.

Unplug TV from socket for soft reset RCA TV

2) Keep the TV unplugged for 2 minutes.

3) If your RCA TV has a power button, then hold the button for a few seconds. In some models, the power button may not be available. If so, skip this step.

4) Plug in the power cord and turn on the TV.

This will complete the power cycle process. It is also known as Soft reset. Doing the power cycle process in TV will be able to overcome the minor problems.

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How to Factory Reset RCA Roku TV

Factory reset is available on the RCA Roku TV Settings. You can also reset the TV if the AirPlay is not working properly.

1) Turn on your TV and with the help of the remote, go to the Home page in RCA Roku TV.

Select Settings

2) Now scroll down to select the Settings option. Settings display the list of options. Move towards the System option and select it.

Select System

3) Under System, select Advanced System Settings.

Select Advanced System Settings

4) In Advanced System Settings, you can find the Factory reset option. Select the Factory Reset option and it will start the reset process.

Choose Factory reset to reset RCA Roku TV

Thus, factory reset removes all personal settings. However, the TV shows a notification to reset only audio/video settings before the factory reset starts. You can perform only audio/video reset if there are any small issues. But if the issue is serious, then a hard reset will be a better option.

Choose Factory reset everything for major issues

To conclude, the resetting procedures may vary according to the models and series of RCA TV. If there are any issues with the TV, first troubleshoot the problem and then go for a reset. For instance- If the TV isn’t working and the picture is frozen, then you have to restart the TV in order to fix the problem. In case the problem still persists, then a hard reset is a next option. Moreover, resetting is a major step when you are selling the TV.

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1. How to overcome the RCA TV no-picture issue?

The TV screen is a blackout and no picture will be showing due to a loose cable connection or an old/ faulty picture tube. You can fix the issue by any of the methods,
-Reset your RCA TV
-Remove the HDMI cable
-Check if cables are connected properly
-Change the picture tube.

2. How to reset the parental control passwords on RCA TV?

Follow the steps to change the parental control password.
1) Locate the parental control option in the Settings menu.
2) Input box appears on the screen. Now hold the + button of Volume and Channel on the TV for a few seconds.
Now the pin will be reset to default pin code 0000.

3. Is there a Reset button on RCA TV?

You can’t find a specific reset button on RCA TV. You can use the menu button on the top to reset the TV without a remote.

4. How to reset RCA TV without a remote?

You can use the TV button to access the Reset option on the TV. The Power Restart can also solve most TV not working problems.