How to Reset Philips Smart TV to Factory Settings

how to reset Philips Smart TV

Are you looking to perform a factory reset on your Philips Smart TV? Reset is an option to bring back the TV to default settings. If you are planning to sell the Philips Smart TV, it might need a factory reset before selling it. Factory reset is essential in some cases when your TV isn’t performing better. When your TV isn’t working even after trying all the possible fixes, you can try resetting your TV as the final step. You can fix this in two different methods hard reset and soft reset.

Soft Reset and Hard Reset

When you have a minor issue on the clock or calendar, you can use the ‘Soft Reset’. It can be done in just three steps, starting with

#1 Turn off the TV device.

#2 Unplug it from the USB port.

Unplug the TV device from the USB port

#3 Wait for 30 seconds, plug it back into the port, and turn on the TV.

While hard resetting is required if you want to remove all the personalized settings and reset your TV to the original factory setting. This will delete all the files including downloaded apps, channels, and system data. To hard reset, your Philips smart TV, follow the steps mentioned below.

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How to Hard Reset on Philips Android TV

#1 Start your Philips Android TV and select Settings on the Home screen.

Select Settings

#2 Click the Device Preferences in the Settings.

Choose Device Preferences to Reset Philips Smart TV

#3 Choose the Reset option in the Device Preferences.

Select Reset option

#4 Select the Factory Data Reset to reset the Philips Smart TV.

Click Factory Data Reset

#5 Click Erase Everything to delete all the data and apps in the Philips Smart TV.

Select Erase Everything to reset Philips TV

How to Hard Reset Philips Roku TV

#1 Launch your Philips Roku TV and press the home button on the remote.

#2 Navigate to Settings from the home screen and select System from the list of options.

#3 Now, Choose the Advanced System Settings on the next page.

Select Factory reset under Advanced system settings

#4 Choose the Factory reset option and click on Factory reset everything.

Enter the code and select Ok to proceed

#5 Enter the Code displayed on the screen.

#6 Next, click Ok to continue and follow the on-screen instruction to reset the TV.

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How to Factory reset your Philips Smart TV without Remote

If you don’t have a TV remote or facing some problems with the remote, you can use the TV buttons to reset your TV.

How to reset Philips Smart TV without TV remote

#1 Press and hold the Volume up and Volume down buttons simultaneously to enter the main menu.

#2 Tap the P+ or P- buttons to select the options from the menu.

#3 Click Volume up and down to choose the specific option from the sub-menu.

( To go back to the menu, you can select the Volume Down option.)

#4 Enter the Settings option and go to the General Settings.

#5 Now, Press Reinstall and confirm it to reset without a remote.

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Alternative Way to Reset Philips Smart TV

You can also reset the Philips Smart TV if it does not have any inbuilt TV OS.

#1 Press and hold the Home button on your TV remote to enter the main menu.

#2 Click on Settings and choose the All Settings option.

Select All Settings to reset Philips TV

#3 Now, scroll down and select the General Settings on the TV.

Select General Settings

#4 Choose the Reinstall TV option in the General Settings.

Click Reinstall TV to reset Philips TV

#5 Enter the PIN in the specific field and choose Ok to start the reset process.

#6 Once the reset is completed, your TV will go back to the factory settings.

Hence, by resetting your smart TV you can fix the problems with your Philips Smart TV. You have to install the streaming apps and customize settings after resetting the TV. Do let us know your queries or feedback in the comments below.


How to Reset my Philips Smart TV that is not working?

if your TV is not performing, then you can follow soft reset steps to turn it on. If the problem prolongs, you can call the nearest Philips service center.

How to reprogram Philips Smart TV remote control?

To reset your Philips Smart TV remote, keep the remote in Erase mode and press Ok and Mute. Select the mode to erase, using the Select button, and press Ok to confirm.