How to Reset Element Smart TV [All Methods]

Reset Element Smart TV

Element Smart TV is one of the most popular television brands today. It is a great option for those looking for quality without paying a premium price. It is known for its small, sleek design and good picture quality but like any other device, it has its bugs and flaws. When Element TV freezes, crashes, or glitches, you might need to fix the software. You can reset Element TV to factory settings and then restore the TV to a good state.

Different Methods to Reset Element TV

  • Using Factory Settings
  • Using Remote Keys
  • Without Remote

Using Factory Reset Settings

1. Press the Menu button on your Element TV remote.

2. Select TV Settings and navigate to General.

Select General

3. Click on Restore Default and your TV will reset.

Select Restore Default to reset Element TV

4. In some older models, you need to select Home > Settings > Device and Software > Factory Reset.

Sometimes your TV may ask for your pin or parental control code. The default pin is 0000.

Using Remote Keys

1. Press the Menu button on your Element TV remote.

Zero key on remote

2. Press the Zero number button four or five times and you will see the Factory Settings Page.

3. Select Reset or Factory Reset to reset your TV.

4. You will receive an on-screen message asking whether you are sure to reset your TV. Select Yes and your TV will reset to its factory settings.

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How to Reset Element TV Without Remote

1. Search for a small hole in the back of the Element TV.

2. Inside of that small hole, there will be the Reset button.

3. Using a pencil or paper clip, hold the Reset button for a few seconds and you will see the screen go black.

Press the reset button

4. Release the button once you see the Element TV logo.

4. Now, your Element TV will be restored to Default Settings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to reset Element TV when the screen is black or without pictures?

You can unplug the power cable and keep it idle for a few minutes. You can use the Reset button to reset the TV.

2) Where is the reset button located on Element TV?

The Reset button is located at the backside of your TV.

3) How do I reset my Element TV remote?

Remove the batteries from your Element TV remote and hold the Power button for about 30 seconds to reset your Element TV remote.

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