How to Install Hotstar on Samsung Smart TV

Hotstar on Samsung Smart TV

Quick Tips

  • You can install the Hotstar app directly on Samsung Smart TV.
  • Install: Press Smart Hub on remoteAppsSearch HotstarInstallActivate.
  • AirPlay (iPhone or iPad): Hotstar AppAirPlay iconSamsung Smart TV.

Hotstar is one of the most popular streaming apps around the world. Hotstar is available in different countries with different names. In Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and Thailand, the app is named Disney Plus Hotstar. In the USA, UK, and Canada, the app is named Hotstar. So, based on your location, the name of the app varies. The same goes for Samsung Smart TVs. If you are residing in Indonesia or Thailand, you have to install the Hotstar app. For the USA and UK users, you must install both the Hotstar and Disney Plus apps on Samsung Smart TV separately.

How to Install Hotstar on Samsung Smart TV

Before installing the app, connect your Samsung Smart TV to the WiFi network.

(1). Start Samsung Smart TV and press the Smart Hub button.

(2). Choose Apps on the menu and click the Search icon.

(3). Enter Hotstar in the search using the on-screen keyboard and choose the app.

Select Apps - Hotstar on Samsung Smart TV

(4). Click Install to install the Hotstar app on the Samsung Smart TV.

(5). Select Open to launch the Hotstar app and choose My Account in the menu.

(6). It displays an Activation Code on the TV screen.

(7). Go to the Hotstar activation website.

(8). Enter the Phone number that you are subscribed with and click the Continue button.

Enter the Phone number

(9). Enter the Activation Code and click Continue to activate the app.

(10). Now, the Hotstar app on your Samsung TV will be activated automatically.

(11). Choose the content to stream on the Samsung Smart TV.

How to AirPlay Hotstar on Samsung Smart TV

If you are an iPhone user, you can AirPlay the content from your device. To stream the content from your smartphone, you should enable AirPlay on your Samsung Smart TV.

(1). Before AirPlay, connect your smartphone and smart TV to the same WiFi network.

(2). Install the Hotstar app on your iPhone from the App Store.

(3). Launch the app and sign in using the credentials.

(4). Now, start playing the content.

(5). Tap the AirPlay icon on the playback screen and choose your Samsung Smart TV.

(6). Enter the code on your iPhone (displayed on the TV) to pair.

(7). Once paired, you can see the content streaming on your Samsung Smart TV.

Alternative Method to Watch Hotstar on Samsung Smart TV

The alternative way to watch Hotstar streaming on Samsung Smart TV is using the SmartThings app. SmartThings app can mirror the smartphone screen of the Samsung Smart TV. You have to download the Hotstar app on your smartphone to stream the content on the TV.

(1). Connect the Samsung Smart TV and the smartphone to the same WiFi network.

(2). Download the SmartThings app on the smartphone from Google Play Store.

SmartThings app

(3). Launch the SmartThings app and click Add device to connect.

(4). Choose the Samsung Smart TV and type the PIN to connect the smart TV.

Enter PIN to watch Hotstar on Samsung Smart TV

(5). Open the Hotstar app and sign in to your account.

(6). Select the content on the Hotstar app and enjoy the streaming on the smart TV.

Using External Devices

If you can’t install or cast the Hotstar app on your Samsung Smart TV, you need to use external streaming devices like Fire TV Stick or Roku. For Fire TV Stick and Roku, you can install the Hotstar app from the Amazon App Store or the Roku Channel Store, respectively. Most Samsung TVs come with an HDMI input port. You can easily connect external streaming devices to your Samsung TV.

Hotstar Subscription Plans

The content available in Hotstar and Disney Plus Hotstar differs a lot. In Hotstar, you will get sports content from IPL, Formula 1, Premier League, and more. Whereas in Disney Plus Hotstar, you will get content from National Geographic, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and more.

In the USA and UK, Hotstar costs $9.99 per month and $99.99 per year.

In India, The VIP subscription costs ₹399 per year to stream content with ads only on smartphones. The VIP subscription for smartphones and PCs costs ₹899 per year. Hotstar Premium subscription provides access to English content as well as Indian content. It costs ₹ 299 per month and ₹ 1499 per year, and it is ad-free streaming. The Premium subscription permits the user to stream on two devices simultaneously.

Hotstar Not Working on Samsung TV

If the Hotstar app on your Samsung TV is not working properly, try the below solutions.


1. Does Samsung TV have Disney Hotstar?

Yes. You can install the Disney Plus Hotstar app on your Samsung TV from the Smart Hub.

2. Why can’t I find Disney plus on my Samsung TV?

The Disney Plus app is available only for the selected Samsung TV models. You can check the full list of supported Samsung TV models here. Also, ensure that the Disney Plus app is available on your geolocation.