How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Vizio Smart TV

How to Connect Bluetooth headphones to Vizio Smart TV

If you want to listen to music on TV without increasing the volume, then the best choice is using Bluetooth headphones. Vizio TV’s Bluetooth option allows you to connect your Bluetooth headphones to Vizio Smart TV. Connecting Wireless headphones to TV is a matter of on-screen configuration. However, some models of Vizio TV do not have a built-in Bluetooth option. Still, you can connect headphones to a TV via a Bluetooth Audio transmitter. The guidelines to pair your TV with Bluetooth headphones. In addition, you can also connect multiple headphones to Vizio Smart TV by using the Bluetooth transmitter.

Bluetooth headphones connect to Vizio Smart TV

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Vizio Smart TV

The Vizio Smart TV can be connected to the Wireless headphones in two ways. If the Smart TV has built-in Bluetooth support, you can enable them in the Settings. Suppose your TV does not have Bluetooth support, then you can pair the headphones through the Bluetooth transmitter.

Connect Headphones to built-in Bluetooth Vizio Smart TV

Before connecting Bluetooth headphones to the TV, make sure that headphones are in pairing mode. In addition, also ensure that both are in a particular range, for instance, 30 feet apart. Now press and hold the Bluetooth button in the headphones to get the headphones into pairing mode.

1) Turn on the Vizio Smart TV and go to the home screen.

2) Press the Settings menu to go to the Settings in Vizio Smart TV in your TV remote.

3) In the Settings menu, there will be a list of options. Identify the Sound Output option and click the option to open.

4) The Sound Output Speaker list displays all the wireless headphones that are ready to pair with the TV. Search for your headphone’s name on the list and select it.

5) Once you select your headphones name on the list, click the Pair and Connect option.

Finally, you will get audio feedback once the pairing is successful. Thus, you can hear your TV sound in your Bluetooth headphones. Some Vizio TV does not have an inbuilt Bluetooth option, but still, you can also connect the headphones to the TV.

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Connect Headphones to Vizio Smart TV without built-in Bluetooth

The Bluetooth Audio Transmitter is used to transmit the audio from the TV to Bluetooth headphones. Based on the TV’s audio output jacks, there are different types of transmitters available. Vizio TV uses the optical TOSLINK audio output. Thus you should use a transmitter that supports the TOSLINK audio output.

1) First, plug in the Bluetooth transmitter to the power source and turn it on.

2) Connect the transmitter to the TV’s audio output source with the cable. Once the transmitter is connected to the TV, the next step is to pair the Bluetooth headphones with the transmitter.

3) In order to pair the headphones with the transmitter, make sure that the headphones and transmitter are close to each other. Once it is paired, the transmitter sends digital audio signals to the receiver, which in turn converts them into analog signals so that you hear them in the headphones. Your wireless headphones act as the receiver.

Bluetooth headphones connect to Tv via Bluetooth Transmitter

Additionally, you can easily connect two Bluetooth headphones with the chain-connected Bluetooth transmitter technique. You can also connect the wireless Headphones to the Samsung Smart TV.

Multiple Headphones connect to TV

To conclude, Bluetooth is currently the standard connection for most headphones and other devices like TV. With this Bluetooth technology, connecting them is quite simple. However, if the headphones and TV are not within the range, the headphones may not function properly.

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1. What are the different types of audio outputs in the television?

Three types of audio output are
L and R labeled are RCA jacks.
-Audio label is a 3.5mm headphone jack.
-OPTICAL labeled is optical TOSLINK output.

2. What to do if TV is not paired with Bluetooth Headphones?

Each headphones pairing process is different. Different TV models follow different steps when connecting headphones to the TV. Follow the guidelines in the headphones manual and TV manual in order to get paired with Smart TV.

3. How to connect four Bluetooth headphones to a TV?

To connect four Bluetooth headphones to the TV, you need 2 transmitters. You can connect two headphones with 1 transmitter each. However, this is high-priced.