How to Power Cycle Vizio TV

Power Cycle Vizio TV

Whatever gadget you have, you’ll face some problems at any point in time due to some reasons. It doesn’t mean that it cannot be rectified. The problem you encounter can be rectified and solved by following certain steps. Likewise, your Vizio TV also will encounter problems at some point in time. You might face problems with the audio, video, or picture quality, power issue, or problems with your WiFi network connectivity. Whenever you have any issue with your Vizio TV, the first step you can do is power cycle your television. This might sometimes rectify your problem and you can enjoy watching your favorite shows or movies on your Vizio TV.

Reasons for Power Cycle

Whenever you encounter the following problems, the first step you can do to solve the problem is to power cycle your TV.

  • Your TV freezes or stops streaming the content.
  • Vizio TV Won’t Turn On.
  • No actions in your TV while operating.
  • No response from any particular app.
  • System lag.
  • Not able to stream videos or play audio.
  • Menus are not displaying.
  • Not getting connected to the internet.
  • Black screen of death.
  • Automatic turn on and off of the TV
  • Blinking the TV screen.

Steps to Power Cycle your Vizio TV

[1] Turn off your Vizio TV.

[2] Make sure that you turn off all the switches associated with the TV.

[3] Remove the power cable from the electric outlet.

[4] Press the Power button on the Vizio TV for at least 3-5 seconds

Power button on Vizio TV

[5] Now, connect the power cable back to the electric outlet.

[6] Turn on your Vizio TV and check whether the problem is resolved or not.

How to Soft Power Cycle Vizio TV

[1] Turn on your Vizio TV.

[2] Click the Menu button on your remote.

Menu button in Vizio Remote

[3] Choose System from the menu screen.

[4] Select Reset and Admin option.

[5] You’ll find the Soft Power Cycle option, select it.

[6] Check whether the problem in your Vizio TV is resolved.


1. Why should you Power Cycle Vizio TV?

When you face any problem in your Vizio TV, like the black screen of death, automatic turn on and off, or not getting connected to the internet, the first step you can do is power cycle your TV.

2. How do I force restart my Vizio TV?

Check our guide on how to restart Vizio TV in different ways.