How to Use Bluetooth on Vizio Smart TV

Bluetooth on Vizio TV

Quick Tips

  • The latest models of Vizio TV have Bluetooth support. In older models, you have to use Bluetooth transmitters.
  • Settings System Sound OutputSpeaker ListBluetooth Device.

Vizio Smart TV offers a lot of connectivity options. In modern-day Smart TVs, wireless connectivity options like WiFi and Bluetooth are available as a built-in feature. In Vizio Smart TVs, Bluetooth connectivity is one of the underlooked features. This is because not all models of Vizio Smart TV support Bluetooth.

Does Vizio TV Support Bluetooth

You will get standard Bluetooth support in the latest version of Vizio TVs. A few older models of Vizio TVs support Bluetooth LE (Low Energy). This will help you connect with the Vizio SmartCast mobile app and other remote accessories. With the Low Energy Bluetooth, you can’t connect high-end Bluetooth accessories like AirPods and gaming headphones to your Vizio TV.


How to Connect Bluetooth Devices to Vizio TV [New Models]

1. Put your Bluetooth headphone on the pairing mode.

Note: Getting the Bluetooth headphones on pairing mode might be different on different models. You can refer to the User Manual of each device for the same.

2. Using the remote of your TV, open the Settings menu and click the System option.

How to Use Bluetooth on Vizio TV

3. Select the Sound Output option and then the Speaker List option.

4. From the list, find your Bluetooth device.

5. Tap on it to pair.

6. Finally, you can use Bluetooth headphones on your TV.

How to Enable Bluetooth on Vizio Smart TV [Older Models]

A Bluetooth transmitter connects to a TV that has no support for Bluetooth and adds a Bluetooth feature to it. You can do the same to your Vizio Smart TV as well. The transmitter will help you connect Bluetooth devices like AirPods to your Vizio TV. Therefore, Bluetooth transmitters are an option you wouldn’t want to leave out when you have a Vizio Smart TV. Initially, connect the Bluetooth transmitter to your Smart TV. After that, you can pair the Bluetooth speaker or headphones to the transmitter. In that way, you can get HD audio from your TV streaming on your speaker or headphone. You buy any of the compatible Bluetooth transmitters from Amazon or any nearby stores.

Bluetooth on Vizio TV

Connecting the Device to the Audio Port on Your TV

If you are not convinced with the Bluetooth adapters on your Vizio TV, you can use the Audio port on the TV to connect headphones and gaming pads. If you want to play games on your TV, you need to connect gaming controllers and mic-compatible headphones for a better gaming experience. In that case, you can use the HDMI, USB, or Audio ports to complete the pairing. So start by checking available ports on your Vizio TV. Check if the connections on the speaker are compatible with the ones on the Vizio Smart TV. For instance, you can connect the Aux port or the headphone jack on your Bluetooth device to the Red and White Analog port on your TV. 

Audi Port

Best Bluetooth Transmitter for Vizio Smart TV

For Vizio Smart TV, you can get any one of the below-mentioned Bluetooth devices for a better experience.

Avantree Orbit

Avantree Orbit Bluetooth Transmitter for Vizio TV

Avantree Orbit is one of the most advanced Bluetooth transmitters that are compatible with all Smart TVs. The device is equipped with Bluetooth version 5.0 with an LCD screen display. The device costs around $89.99. Using the device, you can connect to two BT devices and switch between them with ease. Avantree Orbit is also featured with independent volume controls. If your Vizio TV has some sound issues, you can use the Avantree Orbit to control the volume.

Twetross Bluetooth Transmitter


Twetross Bluetooth Transmitter is featured with BT 5.0 and multi-device connections. You can connect Bluetooth accessories by using the wireless BT connection, Audio cable, RCA cable, and Optical Digital cable. Twetross is one of the best BT transmitters for Vizio Smart TVs. You can get this BT transmitter from Amazon or any retail store.

Carpuride Bluetooth Transmitter

Carpuride Bluetooth Transmitter

Carpuride is one of the best Bluetooth transmitters for Smart TVs. You can connect the transmitter to your Vizio TV using the USB port. Using the device, you can connect any of the Bluetooth accessories to your Vizio TV, including the gaming controllers. The transmitter also has a 3.5 mm audio jack port to connect wired headphones.

Anker Bluetooth Transmitter

Bluetooth on Vizio TV

Anker transmitters offer the highest range, you can connect the device up to 33 feet. It is battery powered device that longs 20 hours of usage. The transmitter is equipped with BT 5.0 with TX and RX modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if my TV has Bluetooth?

Go to your TV Settings and open the Sound menu. If you can see the Bluetooth Speaker option, your TV is equipped with the Bluetooth feature. If not, you have to use the Bluetooth transmitter.

2. How can I convert my non-Bluetooth TV to Bluetooth?

For this specific purpose, you need to buy an external BT transmitter that is compatible with your TV brand.