What Channel is TNT on Spectrum

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Turner Network Television is one of the popular cable television in the United States. It comes under the division of Warner Bros.You can watch classic movies, TV shows, Dramas, Live TV, Sports, and many more. The TNT channel is most popular among teens as well as the elderly. If you have purchased the Spectrum TV package, you can find the TNT channel in the lists and watch your favorite content. You can find the TNT channel in any subscription package of Spectrum TV. The channel number of TNT varies based on location in the United States.

TNT channel on Spectrum TV.
  • The Alienist
  • Lucifer
  • American Race
  • Aquaman
  • Tenet
  • Birds of Prey
  • Star Wars
  • Transformers
  • Wonder Woman

TNT Channel on Spectrum Based on States/City

Los Angeles42, 103
San Diego27, 103
Anaheim64, 103
Long Beach52, 752
Bakersfield33, 200
Reno55, 776
Corpus Christi30, 103
San Antonio27, 103
Austin67, 103
El Paso40, 103
Dallas77, 792
Birmingham30, 136
Montgomery22, 781
Lexington25, 112, 925
Louisville43, 112, 925
Charlotte, Durham, Raleigh26, 103
Indianapolis35, 136
Milwaukee33, 203
Kansas City32, 103
Columbus12, 112, 925
Cincinnati51, 203
Cleveland61, 203
New York, Albany, Buffalo3, 103

Other TV Providers of TNT Channel

Other than Spectrum, other TV providers offer the TNT channel.

  • DirecTV TNT Channel number 245 on DirecTV
  • Dish – TNT Channel number 138 on Dish
  • Xfinity – TNT Channel number 407 on Xfinity
  • Optimum – TNT Channel number 37 on Optimum
  • COX – TNT Channel number 34 on COX

Note: The content streamed on the TNT channel is limited to the United States. Most TV providers do not offer the TNT channel.


1. How do I watch TNT on my Samsung Smart TV?

Unfortunately, you can’t install the TNT on Samsung Smart TV. Instead, you can stream the channel only through streaming services.

2. Is TNT free on Amazon Prime?

Yes. You can watch your favorite content in TNT on Amazon Prime for free.