How to Install YouTube on Sony Smart TV

YouTube on Sony Smart TV

YouTube is the most popular video streaming app in the world and it is a subsidy of Google LLC. It has videos on a wide range of topics, genres, languages, and more. YouTube has an offline streaming option to download the videos and watch them later. It has explored sections to check the new videos on the category trending, music, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, news, and sports. You can get the YouTube app on the Sony Smart TV and enjoy streaming the videos with friends.

YouTube has live streaming and premiere to watch the videos at the time of launch. It has a community to join with payment and it provides exclusive videos for them. YouTube also has many movies, series, and TV shows to stream. It has a Search and Watch history to look at the videos watched before.

YouTube Premium

YouTube offers a Premium subscription to stream the videos without any commercials. It also has background streaming of video. You can use the premium on the YouTube Music app to enjoy the premium service.

SubscriptionCostNo. of Access
Premium$11.99 per month1
Family Premium$17.99 per month5

How to Stream YouTube on Sony Smart TV

(1). Turn on the Sony Smart TV and set up the WiFi connection.

(2). Choose Apps and click the Google Play Store.

Select Google Play Store

(3). Tap the Search icon.

Click Search - YouTube on Sony Smart TV

(4). Search for the YouTube app and select the YouTube app.

(5). Sign in with your Google Account and choose the video for streaming.

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How to Cast YouTube on Sony Smart TV

(1). Connect the Sony Smart TV and the smartphone to the same WiFi connection.

(2). Launch the YouTube app on your smartphone.

(3). Log in to your Google account and tap the Cast icon.

Tap the Cast icon - YouTube on Sony Smart TV

(4). Select the Sony Smart TV from the available devices and connect to the smart TV.

(5). Click the video to play and enjoy the video streaming on the Sony Smart TV.

YouTube is the best streaming app to watch all kinds of videos for free with ads. You can like and share your favorite videos with others through social media in the app itself. In case of any issues with the YouTube app, specify in the comments section.