What Channel is TBS on Spectrum

What channel is TBS on Spectrum
Channel NameSpectrum Channel Number
TBS 33, 733

TBS, or Tuner Broadcasting System, is one of the most popular American pay cable TV networks. Also, TBS is a division of Warner Bros Discovery. TBS provides unique content in various categories, like sports, news, entertainment, documentary, and many more. If you have subscribed to Spectrum, you can find the TBS channel on it and stream your favorite.

TBS Channel on Spectrum Network

Remember that, based on the ZIP code of your region, the TBS channels on the Spectrum network will vary. Some of the TBS stations in US cities are,

City/StateSpectrum Channel Number
Chipley, VA 1112
Los Angeles, CA 41
New York, NY 8104
Yuma, AZ 38

You can also view the channel numbers in Spectrum Select package. If you can’t find it, you can contact Spectrum support to know the channel numbers on the package.


Other Providers Who Offer TBS

Aside from airing TBS (Turner Broadcasting System) on the Spectrum network, other providers offer TBS in their lineup.

  • DirecTV (TBS channel number 247 for DirecTV)
  • AT&T U-verse HD (TBS channel number 112 for AT&T U-verse HD)
  • Comcast Xfinity TV HD (TBS HD channel number 1434 for Comcast Xfinity TV HD).
  • Cox Communication HD (TBS HD channel number 1049 for Cox Communication HD)
  • Frontier HD (TBS HD channel number 552 for Frontier HD)
  • Verizon FiOS (TBS channel number 52 for Verizon FiOS)


1. Can you watch TBS on Panasonic Smart TV?

Yes. You can watch TBS on your Panasonic Smart TV by installing the app from the Play Store, or even you can cast the content from your smartphone.

2. How do I see all the channels on my Spectrum Guide?

Press either the Options or A key on the remote. Next, select Guide Settings Show Channels. Tap the OK button to switch between All channels & Subscribed.