How to Use Art Mode on Sony Smart TV

Art Mode Sony TV

Quick Tips

  • Turn on the Art Mode (Photo Frame Mode) on Sony TV and get art collections as a screensaver.
  • Home Apps Photo Frame Mode.

The Art Mode is quite common in modern-day Smart TVs. The Art Mode is labeled as Ambient Mode or Gallery Mode on other smart TVs. In Sony smart TV, it’s recognized by Photo Frame Mode. The Photo Frame Mode (Art Mode) acts as a screensaver for Sony TV and gives you an impression of a painting hanging on a wall, similar to Samsung Frame TV’s Art Mode.

How to Use Art Mode on Sony Smart TV

Art Mode on Sony TV

On your Sony Smart TV, the Photo Frame Mode displays the clock, calendar, and music player with the chosen photo.

To use Photo Frame Mode, press the Home button and select Photo Frame Mode under the Apps section. There are a lot of customization options available in the Photo Frame Mode.

Photo Frame Mode on Playback

Select Options in the playback screen of a photo or an audio file. Choose Photo Frame Mode to get the screensaver on Sony TV.

On Display Mode

You can change the Photo Frame Mode by selecting Display Mode. In the Display Mode, you can choose different picture modes along with the Photo Frame Mode.

Selecting Clock for Photo Frame Mode

There are three different types of clocks available for the Photo Frame Mode, Clock, Image and Clock, & Full-Screen Clock. Choose the Clock Display option in Photo Frame Settings and select your desired type of clock.


Your Sony Smart TV runs in Photo Frame Mode for upto 24 hours and then powers off automatically. If you want, you can change the time duration to power off the TV automatically. Navigate the Duration settings under Photo Frame Settings and change the time. To avoid screen burning issues, the placement of the clock and calendar are changed automatically. Do not use Photo Frame Mode for several hours to avoid burning issues.

Image Selection

Here, you can choose an image for the Photo Frame Mode. You can choose images of any size and resolution on Sony TV.

Slideshow Setting

If you want to choose more than one image, open the Slideshow Settings. Here, you can choose multiple photos for the Photo Frame Mode. You can also change the time interval for the images.

Music Selection

Here, you can choose a music track that can be played in the Photo Frame Mode. To choose more than one track, go to the Music Playback Setting. You can also choose music tracks from YouTube Music and Apple Music on Sony Smart TV.

First Day of the Week

You can choose the first day of the week as Sunday or Monday. This will reflect on the Calendar.

How to Enable Ambient Display on Sony TV

If the Ambient Display is enabled on your Sony smart TV, the screen will turn on when your device detects movements. The steps to turn on the Ambient Display on Sony TV vary with the Android version.

  • For Android 10, 11, & 12: Navigate SettingsDisplay → Lock screen preferences or Lock screen → Ambient display.
  • For Android 9: Go to SettingsDisplay → Advanced → Lock screen preferences → Ambient display.


1. Is Photo Frame Mode available on all Sony Smart TVs?

No, Photo Frame Mode is available only on the Sony Smart TVs running in Android 9 and above models.