What Channel is ESPN on Spectrum TV

What channel is ESPN on Spectrum
Channel Name Spectrum Channel Number
ESPN Deportes153

ESPN is on of the popular sports TV networks in the US, which airs live sports, highlights, and match analysis. After subscribing to Spectrum network, you can watch ESPN channels like ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN Deportes, and ESPNEWS. The channel number for the ESPN channel on Spectrum Network will vary from different regions based on your location and PIN code.

How to Find ESPN Channels on Spectrum TV

Spectrum Network is airing ESPN channels in many regions, so it’s quite difficult to find all the channels. In some cities, you will get both the ESPN and ESPN HD channels. In some cities, you will get only the ESPN channel. So, you can navigate Spectrum’s channel lineup for more information.


ESPN Channels in Spectrum

City/StateSpectrum Channel Number
Akron, OH32, 33
Albany, NY24, 25
Albertville, AL31, 32
Cleveland43, 44
Austin, TX52, 53
Bourg, LA31, 32
Carson City, NV33, 34
Columbia, SC26, 27
Dallas City, OR29, 30
Greenville, MI34, 35
Lexington, KY27, 28

Other TV Providers for ESPN

Besides Spectrum, there are many other providers who offer ESPN (Entertainment Programming Network) channels in their lineup.

  • Time Warner Cable HD (ESPN Channel Number 39 for Time Warner Cable HD)
  • Optimum (ESPN Channel Number 36 for Optimum)
  • Xfinity TV (ESPN Channel Number 28 for Xfinity TV)
  • Verizon FiOS (ESPN Channel Number 70 for Verizon FiOS)
  • Suddenlink (ESPN Channel Number 23 for Suddenlink)


1. What channel is ESPN on Spectrum Kansas City?

The Spectrum subscribers in Kansas City can watch ESPN on channel number 33.

2. What is the HD channel for ESPN on Spectrum?

The ESPN HD channel is available on channel number 8 on Spectrum Network.

3. Is ESPN on local channels?

No, ESPN is not listed under the local channels list.