How to Access Service Menu on LG Smart TV

service menu on lg tv

The service menu on Smart TVs has a few different names, including hidden menu or secret menu. This menu takes you to the engineering mode with advanced features in it. With the settings in the service menu, you can find hidden functions for your LG TV. However, you can’t find the service menu on your TV easily. If you are wondering how to find this hidden menu on your LG TV, then check out the following section. The following section will give you a clear idea about the service menu on LG TV.

How to Get Service Menu on LG TV

If you change the settings in the service menu without proper knowledge, it can be as bad as you can’t use your device. Therefore, you need to capture a snap of the default service menu beforehand. Since there is no way to return the service menu to factory settings, you can adjust it using this picture you have taken. In the following section, let’s discuss different ways to access the service menu on an LG TV.

Access Service Menu With Standard Remote

You can access the service menu using the original remote. However, accessing the menu using a universal remote has lesser chances. You can access the service menu of your LG TV with the remote as follows.

1. On your LG TV, change the input to the TV.

2. Next, press and hold the MENU button on the remote and the MENU button on your TV.

Note: Some models of LG TV require you to replace the MENU button with the Home/Settings/OK button.

3. Keep pressing the button till a menu appears on your screen.

4. On the next screen, enter the required password.

Enter Password

Note: You can try the following passwords 0000, 0413, 7777, 8741, 8743, and 8878.

5. The correct password gives you access to the LG TV service menu.

service menu on LG TV

How to Enter Service Menu with Magic Remote

The magic remote is a smart remote with added features like mouse control, voice command, and more functions. Also, you can use your magic remote to access the service menu on it.

1. Start the LG Smart TV and press the Green button on your magic remote.

2. Three dots blink on your screen 7 to 8 times and shows resolution overlay information.

3. Get a quick information screen on your LG TV by pressing the Mute button three times.

4. Launch the Stats menu by moving the cursor to program tuning and pressing the 1 button five times. 

5. Get the HDMI diagnostic menu by moving the cursor to the channel tuning and pressing the 1 button 5 times.

service menu on LG TV

Access Service Menu With Service Remote

Service Remote is a special remote that the technicians use to set up your LG TV in commercial environments. You might not have received a Service Remote with your LG TV that you use at home. Service Remote is highly useful when the LG Smart TV remote is not working properly. However, the ones they use in hotels and hospitals do come with the service remote. If you wish, you can get a service remote online as well.

1. Initially, turn on your LG TV and launch its home screen.

2. Find the INSTART button on the top-left part of your remote and press it.

3. On the password screen, enter 0413.

4. With that, you get the service menu on your screen.

How to Use the Service Menu on LG TV

The LG TV hidden menu will help you perform different functions on your TV. This includes network settings, factory reset, and LG TV diagnostic.

Factory Reset LG TV

You can perform a factory reset on your TV with the service menu as follows.

1. Launch the hidden menu and select the Public Display Settings option.

2. From the menu, select the Factory Reset option.

3. Next, press the OK button.

4. Finally, you can complete the reset by following the instructions on your screen.

Change Network Settings

You can change the LG TV network settings with the secret menu as follows.

 1. Open the Service Menu and select the IP Control Set UP option.

2. Finally, you can bring up the necessary changes in your network settings.

3. If you have a magic remote, launch the Settings menu and select the Network Settings option.

4. Using the remote, enter the code 82888 with the remote.

Thus, you can able to perform the troubleshooting actions on the LG Smart TV with the Service menu whenever the LG Smart TV is not working or loading. You can also use the Service menu when you cannot access the LG Content Store. In case of any issues with the above guide, please mention them in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get into the TV service menu?

You can launch the service menu on your TV by pressing the MENU button and entering either of the passwords 0000, 0413, 7777, 8741, 8743, and 8878.

How do you get to the service menu on the LG Magic remote?

You can access the service menu using the magic remote by pressing the Green button on your magic remote > resolution overlay information > Press the Mute button thrice.

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