How to Reset Roku TV Remote [2 Ways]

How to reset Roku TV remote

Quick Tips

  • You can reset the Roku TV remote in two ways.
  • Roku Standard Infrared Remote: Remove the batteriesWait for a few secondsInsert.
  • Roku Enhanced Remote: Remove the batteriesDisconnect cable from Roku receiverInsert batteriesLong press reset button.

Every streaming device comes with a dedicated remote to control. Likewise, if you are using a Roku streaming device, you will have the Roku remote to control and perform functions on the smart TVs (TCL, Sharp, Hisense, JVC, and Philips). Sometimes, the Roku TV remote malfunctions, and you may need to reset it to fix the issues.

How to Reset Roku TV Remote

You will receive two types of remotes while purchasing the Roku streaming device.

  • Roku Enhanced Remote
  • Roku Standard Infrared Remote

From the above-mentioned remotes, you can only reset the Enhanced remote. The Infrared remote can’t be reset as it is similar to the traditional TV remotes. However, if it doesn’t work, you can replace the batteries on the remote control to fix the issue.

Resetting Roku Enhanced Remote

Before resetting the Roku TV remote, ensure your batteries are new and check whether it works properly with your remote.

[1] First, remove the batteries from the battery dock on the remote.

 Remove the batteries

[2] Next, disconnect the power cable from the Roku receiver and wait for a few minutes. Connect the cable back to the receiver.

[3] After that, place the batteries back into the dock when the Roku receiver displays the home screen.

Re-insert the batteries

[4] Now, locate the Reset button on the bottom of the remote control (backside) under the battery compartment.

[5] Long press the button for 5-10 seconds until the pairing light on the remote begins to flash.

Press and hold the pairing button

Note: The older model Roku remotes don’t have a light indicator.

[6] After that, wait a minute for the remote to establish the connection with your Roku receiver.

[7] After successful pairing, a remote pairing dialog appears on your TV screen.

Pairing with Roku TV

[8] Once paired, you can start controlling the Roku TV using the remote.


1. How to turn on Roku TV without a remote?

If your remote is not working, you can even turn on Roku TV without a remote using the physical buttons, Roku TV app, gaming consoles, and voice commands

2. How to connect Roku TV to WiFi without a remote?

Using the Roku app, Ethernet cable, Browser extension, and Mobile hotspot, you can connect Roku TV to WiFi without the remote.