How to Unlock Hotel Mode LG Smart TV

Unlock Hotel mode LG TV

The Hotel Mode is a function available in Smart TVs that doesn’t allow the guest user to alter the settings on their TV. Once the Hotel administrator has fixed it, guest users can’t change the settings. On your LG TV, you can control the TV settings in all the rooms with Hotel Mode. By using this mode, you can prevent misuse by customers, set volumes or reset settings to defaults for any TVs. You can unlock the Hotel Mode on the Smart TV and access all the restricted features.

How to Unlock LG TVs Hotel Mode

The Hotel Mode is a default mode in LG TVs which disables the channel search and set-up options on the TV. You can unlock Hotel Mode on the TV using the remote control or even without it.

Unlock Hotel Mode With Remote

Using the LG TVs remote control, you can unlock Hotel Mode using two methods.

Method 1

[1] Press the Settings or Home button for 5-10 seconds on your remote control.

 Press the Settings button

[2] After that, enter the remote code 1105 quickly.

[3] Now, you have access to the LG Hotel Mode Setup page.

LG Hotel Mode Setup page

[4] On this page, you can set your desired settings and exit the mode.

[5] Remember to revert to the original settings while checking out from the hotel.

Method 2

[1] Launch your LG TV and press the Settings button on your remote control for at least 20 seconds.

[2] A set-up menu will appear on your screen. Ignore the pop-up and continue holding the button.

[3] When the dialog box displays on your screen, release the Settings button and input 2263 on your TV.

[4] Now, restart your LG TV.

[5] After restarting, the Hotel Mode will be disabled on your LG TV.

How to Unlock Hotel Mode Without remote

You can also disable the Hotel mode on your LG TV by using the remote app or unplug the TV from the hotel’s network without using the physical remote control.

Detach Hotel’s Network

[1] If the LG TV is connected to any other sources apart from the power supply and internet connection.

[2] If connected, detach the cable from your TV.

[3] Now, your TV will be free of Hotel Mode.

[4] Ensure to re-attach the cables when you check out.

Use Remote App

In the absence of your physical remote control, you can install and use the LG TV Remote app to turn off the Hotel Mode.

[1] Install the LG ThinQ app on your smartphone from the Play Store or App Store.

[2] After downloading, ensure that it works on your hotel TV and navigate the INSTART option on the app.

[3] Input the password. For LG TVs, the passcode is 0000, 0413, or 1105.

[4] You will face an installation method after entering the correct password.

[5] Now, choose your desired settings and exit the menu.

[6] Remember that if you change any setting, you should revert it back before leaving the hotel. If not, the hotel may charge you.

How to Unlock Hotel Mode on Old LG Smart TV

In the old LG TV models, you can unlock the Hotel Mode by using the physical buttons on the TV. Press and hold the Menu button on the TV & on the remote for more than 10 seconds. Choose the LG Hotel Setup menu and select the No option. Restart the LG TV to turn off the Hotel Mode.


1. How do I change the input on my LG Hotel TV without the buttons?

You can use the LG ThinQ app on your smartphone to change the input on LG TV.