How to Connect Set Top Box to LG Smart TV


Quick Tips

  • You can connect any set-top box to LG TV using HDMI or RCA cable.
  • Home ButtonDevice ConnectorSet Top BoxInput SourceDone.

A set top box is a device that helps you to connect to the TV antenna. Though set-top boxes are too old, some people are still using them. In LG Smart TV, you can connect the set top box using HDMI cable or RCA cable. For control and navigation of the set-top box, you can use the LG Magic Remote.

Steps to Connect Set Top Box to LG TV

1. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to your modem or router.

2. Connect the other end of the ethernet cable to the back of the set-top box. If you have a TV antenna connection, connect the specified antenna cable in the set top box.

Steps to Connect Set Top box to your TV

3. Now, connect the set-top box and LG TV using the HDMI cable or RCA cable. For HDMI connection, note the HDMI port number to get the set-top input on your LG TV.

Steps to Setup Set Top Box for your LG Smart TV

1. Turn on your LG TV and choose the HDMI input to get the set-top box connection. For the RCA cable, the connection will be detected automatically.

2. Press the Home Button on your LG Magic remote and bring up the home screen.

3. Select the Device Connector. The Device Connector option is available from 2018 LG Smart TVs.

4. In the device connector screen, you can see the list of devices in which you have to choose the device you want to connect with your TV.

5. Select the Set Top Box option.

Device Connector- Set top box

6. After selecting the device, you must choose the Input Source. If the set-top input is not available, enable Simplink on LG TV to access all devices that are connected by HDMI.

Choose the HDMI port.

7. Click on Next after selecting the input source.

8. Now, you have to choose the Device manufacturer. Use the search icon and search for the manufacturer if it is not given in the list. Click on Next.

9. In this step, you can test your remote to see whether it is working well with the Set Top box that you have connected to your TV.

Select the remote type to access the set top box that is connected with your LG TV.

10. Now, you have completed the process by clicking on Done.

11. Use the LG Magic Remote and watch all the channels available in the set-top box.


1. What is the STB button on LG Remote?

STB button is used to control the set-top box from the TV remote. Click the STB button to enable the set-top box controls.

2. Can I connect a set top box to Samsung TV?

Yes, you can connect a set top box or cable box to Samsung TV using the HDMI cable.