SIMPLINK is a feature that helps the users to operate the TV with multiple HDMI connections. You use your remote control to maintain the working of all the HDMI devices that are connected. By using SIMPLINK, it converts your TV into a huge multimedia display by syncing with external apps or services. It uses a single connection and also makes it more convenient to stream Netflix, Hotstar, and other platforms on your LG smart TV. The SIMPLINK operates with HDMI-CEC Standards (Consumer Electronics Control). An HDMI cable is used to access the SIMPLINK to your LG TV.

Simplink on LG TV

[1] Use an HDMI cable to connect the output of your LG and the input of the external device.

[2] Once you have made the physical connection, go ahead with the setup process.

[3] To check if the connections are well and good, press the home button on your LG TV remote.

Setup Process

[1] Navigate to the SIMPLINK option from the General menu.

[2] Once the Setup menu is displayed, enter the Default settings.

[3] You can now adjust the Sound settings such as Sound out, external speaker settings, and so on.

[4] Finally, check for a consistent internet connection to launch apps through SIMPLINK on your TV.

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[1] Take over your LG TV remote and click the Settings button.

[2] Head over to the All settings option.

Select All Settings to turn on SIMPLINK on LG TV

[3] Scroll down and select Connections.

Click Connection

[4] Navigate to the Device Connection Settings and click on it.

Select Device Connection Settings

[5] Choose SIMPLINK (HDMI-CEC). You can now enable or disable it just by clicking the OK button on your LG TV remote.


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[1] Turn on the LG Older TV and click the Settings option in the menu.

[2] Scroll down using your remote and choose the All settings option.

Select All Settings

[3] Head over to the General section by scrolling down.

Choose General

[4] Under the General section, click the SIMPLINK HDMI-CEC option.


[5] Highlight ON/OFF to enable or disable the SIMPLINK feature on your smart TV. You can also choose Auto Power Sync to turn ON/ OFF automatically.

Thus, you can enable SIMPLINK to stream the content from various streaming devices. The SIMPLINK can turn off the devices by pressing the Power button on the remote. If you have any trouble following the above procedure, please mention them in the comments section below.


[1] How do I turn off SIMPLINK on LG 2021?

To turn off SIMPLINK on your 2021 model LG TV, navigate to the General settings menu on your TV. Under SIMPLINK, toggle the button to turn it off.

[2] How do I operate SIMPLINK on my LG TV?

Take hold of an HDMI cable and insert one end to the output of your LG TV and the other end to the input of your external device. You can now turn on your LG TV and complete the setup process.

[3] Can SIMPLINK on LG TV work with Firestick?

Yes. You can connect the Firestick device to the LG TV HDMI port and SIMPLINK will enable the Fire TV streaming seamlessly.

[4] What to do when SIMPLINK not working on LG TV?

You can update the LG Smart TV when you face a problem with SIMPLINK. The power restart option could also resolve this problem. In the end, you can reset the LG Smart TV if none of the solutions worked.