How to Fix LG TV Keeps Restarting Issue

LG TV keeps restarting

Whatever the Smart TV you have, it could be annoying when it keeps on restarting. If that is happening on your LG TV, it is not just a simple error. One of the reasons that you can associate with this error is an insufficient power supply to your LG TV. Insufficient power supply on your TV arises from damaged power cords on it. If that is not the case, LG TV is restarting to free up memory in the device. At times, LG Smart TV keeps restarting apps automatically. There might be more reasons for the error. Let’s discuss this error and the fixes you should try when LG Smart TV keeps restarting.

LG TV Keeps Restarting: Causes

The restarting issue on your LG TV is not a common issue. You can consider that one of the following reasons on your TV is causing it to keep restarting.

  • If you have damaged power cables on your LG TV, your TV won’t get a proper current supply.
  • If the automatic rebooting schedule on your LG TV is enabled, your TV might restart automatically.
  • If you have the LG LED models, you will have this restarting issue.
  • Your TV might turn off on its own if there is a pending software update on it.
  • Also, your TV might restart on its own if the motherboard on your device is damaged.

LG TV Keeps Restarting: Fixes

  • Check the Power Cables
  • Check the Power Outlet
  • LG TV Remote
  • External Devices
  • Clear Cache
  • Quick Start Settings
  • Timer Settings
  • HDMI and CEC Settings
  • Update LG Smart TV
  • Reset LG Smart TV
  • Contact LG Support

Check the Power Cables

One of the most common causes for LG TV coming up with restarting problems is damaged power cables. You need to start fixing the cables on your LG TV first.

1. Check if the power cable on your LG TV is in proper condition without any damage.

2. Check the condition of the power cable from the power outlet.

3. Switch off the power outlet and unplug the power cable from the power source. Once again, connect the power cable back to the power source and turn the switch on.

After connecting the power cable to the power source properly, you might still face restarting issues. This indicates that the power cable was damaged or is not useful. In that case, you need to replace it with a new one. You can check for damage using a multimeter.

Check the Power Outlet

Power outlet

If the issue is not with the power cable, it might be with the power source. There might be no power supply on your power socket. Therefore, check if the power source is working or not. You can check if other devices work on the power source without issues. If the issues are with the power outlet, you need to connect your LG TV to a different power outlet and turn it on.

LG Smart TV Remote

LG TV Keeps Restarting

If the LG TV remote has low batteries in it, your TV may restart on its own. Therefore, you need to replace the batteries of your remote with newer ones. Also, check if there are any issues with your remote, especially the power button. Unpair the remote and pair the LG remote again. If the remote has any damage, replace it.

External Devices

If you have connected any external devices like a keyboard to the LG TV, you need to check it. Check all the wired and wireless devices connected to your LG TV. If these devices are causing your TV to turn off and on, disconnect these devices from your TV.

Timer Settings

You can enable a sleep timer on your LG TV to turn off the device after a required period. If you are not the one to enable it, someone from your family might have. Therefore, disable this feature to prevent your TV from restarting on its own.

1. Initially, open the Settings menu on your LG TV.

2. Choose the General option.

3. From the menu, select the Time option.

4. Open the Sleep Timer feature and click the OFF radio button.

LG TV Sleep Timer

Sometimes enabling the SIMPLINK settings on your LG TV will cause some minor errors. The SIMPLINK feature controls all the HDMI and CEC connections on your LG Smart TV. You can disable the HDMI and CEC settings on your LG TV as follows.

1. Open the LG TV Settings menu and choose the All Settings option.

2. Next, select the General option.

3. Choose SIMPLINK (HDMI-CEC) and turn it off.


Update Your LG TV

If you are using the older versions of LG TV, you will get minor errors and bugs while using the TV. Sometimes, a pending update on your LG TV will restart the TV unnecessarily. Update your LG Smart TV to fix those minor issues.

1. Open the Settings menu on your LG Smart TV.

2. Next, select General Settings.

3. Tap on the About This TV option.

Update your LG TV to fix the restarting issue

4. On the next screen, tap the Check for Updates button.

Click the Check for Update button

5. If there is a new update, click the Install button.

6. Your LG Smart TV will be updated to its latest firmware.

Factory Reset your LG TV

If your LG TV is restarting even after all these fixes, you can perform a factory reset on your LG TV. Resetting your LG Smart TV will delete all the apps and data stored on your LG TV.

1. Press the Home button on your remote and choose Settings.

2. Choose the General Menu.

3. Next, select the Reset to Initial Settings option.

LG TV Keeps Restarting

Contact LG Support

After trying the above fixes, you can contact LG Support. If you can’t fix the issue on your TV with none of the above fixes, you need to repair your TV. Repairing your TV that is still covered by warranty is free. You only need to pay for fixes only if you are not in the warranty period.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I stop my LG TV from turning on and off?

You can stop your LG TV from turning on and off by replacing the power cables on your TV.

2. Why does my LG TV keep shutting down?

Your LG TV might keep shutting down on its own if you have enabled a sleep timer on it.

3. Why does my LG TV keep blinking on and off?

LG TV might blink on and off automatically if there are issues with the power cable or power source.