What is a WPA2 Passphrase for Vizio TV

What is a WPA2 Passphrase For Vizio TV

Vizio is the most popular smart TV manufacturer in North America. Their wireless adapters are known to have a WPA2 passphrase made up of three prime numbers. Vizio has developed an app that allows users to connect their phones to the Vizio Smart TV. It’s not a bad idea, but it could get quite expensive to use it. A WPA2 passphrase is used to connect your Vizio Smart TV to WIFI, and this blog will cover what a WAP2 passphrase is, and how to find the WPA2 passphrase and what is WPA2 passphrase is used for on Vizio TV.

What is a WPA2 Passphrase?

WPA2 Passphrase is a security key or password that keeps your network connected to a secured WIFI network while preventing others from snooping on your data or gaining unauthorized access to your device. The WPA2 Passphrase is a combination of upper and lower case letters, Numerical characters, and Special keyboard characters with a total length between 8 to 63 characters. You shall try keeping your password a lengthy one but try avoiding any sentences and common keywords. If your encounter Vizio Smart TV not connecting to WIFI, it may be due to the incorrect WPA2 passphrase.

How to Find the WPA2 Passphrase from your Devices

The section below covers the procedure for finding the WPA2 passphrase from different devices.

How to Find the WPA2 Passphrase using Windows

1. Turn on your PC and go to Control Panel.

 Select Network and Internet -What is a WPA2 Passphrase For Vizio TV

2. Select Network and Internet and choose Network and Sharing Center.

Select Network and Sharing Center -What is a WPA2 Passphrase For Vizio TV

3. Under View your active networks, select your Wi-Fi network.

4. Click on Wireless Properties and select Security.

5. You will see the WPA2 Passphrase under the Network security key.

Select Show Characters -What is a WPA2 Passphrase For Vizio TV

6. Click on Show characters to know the password.

How to Find the WPA2 Passphrase using Android

You can find the WPA2 Passphrase on your Android device in many different ways, which are discussed below.

Using QR Code Scanner

1. FIrst, go to Settings and select Wi-Fi.

2. Tap on the Wi-Fi network that you are connected to.

Tap on the connected network

3. Under the Share Wi-Fi network a QR code will appear.

Snapshot the QR code

4. Now, go to Notification Panel and select Screenshot. The screen will be photographed and stored in your Gallery.

5. Go back to the home screen and navigate to Scanner.

6. Select the Gallery icon on the bottom left side of the screen and choose your QR code screenshot.

Scan the QR code

7. After the scanning is done, click on the result, and the password will appear.

WPA2 Passphrase -What is a WPA2 Passphrase For Vizio TV

Using Router

1. Go to Wi-Fi and click the right-side arrow on the connected Wi-Fi network.

2. Here, you will see the Gateway and the router number associated with it.

Gateway Route number -What is a WPA2 Passphrase For Vizio TV

3. Note the router number down and go to your web browser.

4. Enter the router number, and it will take you to a login page.

5. Type admin for both username and password.

6. Here, you can find your WPA2 Passphrase.

How to Find the WPA2 Passphrase using Apple Devices

Apple device users can make use of the iCloud Keychain to find the WPA2 passphrase.

1. On your iOS device, go to Settings and click on iCloud.

2. Select Keychain and enable it.

Select Keychain - Find WPA2 Passphrase on Vizio TV

3. Now, on your Mac device, navigate to System Preferences and click on Apple ID.

Select System Preferences

4. Search for Keychain and enable it so that both your iOS and Mac Keychain are linked.

Enable Keychain

5. Go to the Launchpad and select Keychain.

Select Keychain

6. Select iCloud under Keychains and Passwords under Category on the left side menu.

Select iCloud and Passwords

7. Now, find your Wi-Fi name in the right field and double-click on it.

8. On the pop-up window, select Show password.

Click on Show password

9. Enter your Mac’s login password, and the WPA2 Passphrase will be available.

WPA2 Password - What is a WPA2 Passphrase For Vizio TV

Why is WPA2 Passphrase Used on Vizio TV?

The WPA2 password is all that you need to connect Vizio Roku TV to your local internet network. Vizio TV uses WPA2 instead of other methods because it guarantees more security for your routers. It further guarantees security by increasing its wireless encryption.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can you connect a Vizio TV to Wi-Fi without a remote?

You can connect a USB keyboard to Vizio TV and use the keyboard as a remote. This way you can easily connect Vizio TV to Wi-Fi without a remote.

2) Why not use WPA Passphrase on Vizio TV?

The WPA passphrase is a security key that protects your Wi-Fi network. We are using WPA2 Passphrase on Vizio TV instead of WPA because it provides us with more security.

3) Are the WPA2 passphrase and wifi password the same?

Yes, both are one and the same.