How to Turn on JVC Smart TV Without Remote

How to Turn on JVC Smart TV without remote

JVC Smart TV brings cinema entertainment to the home with HD display and Dolby Audio. It uses Dolby Vision HDR to stream the contents in 4K HD streaming. The JVC Smart TV can install all kinds of apps from the App Store to stream live TV channels, on-demand movies, and series. It is provided with a TV remote control for effective streaming. At times, the TV remote control stops abruptly, breaks, and maybe out of batteries. During those time, you have to figure out some other way to use and control the smart TV. In the below guide, we will look into the methods to turn on JVC Smart TV without the remote.

Turn on JVC Smart TV without Remote

There are two methods to turn on the JVC Smart TV without the need for a remote. They are TV buttons and smartphone TV remote apps.

TV Physical Buttons

Every smart TV comes with a certain set of physical buttons to control the TV. JVC Smart TV has a Power, Volume, Input button on the side/back of the smart TV depending upon the TV model. You have to just press the Power button of the smart TV to turn it on.

Smartphone TV Remote App

TV Remote app on the smartphone is the easiest way to control the smart TV than the remote control. Since JVC Smart TV comes in two different TV OS, You have to download the respective TV Remote app to power on the JVC Smart TV.

How to Turn on JVC Android TV Without Remote

(1). Open the Google Play Store/App Store on your smartphone and search for Android TV Remote.

(2). Install the Android TV Remote Service app and launch the app.

Android TV Remote Services

Note: The old TV remote app, the Android TV Remote app is removed from the Play Store.

(3). Click Accept & Continue on the welcome screen and select Connect Device.

(4). Choose the JVC Smart TV to connect and go to the remote control on the app.

(5). Click the Power button to start the smart TV.

How to turn on JVC Smart TV without remote

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How to Turn on JVC Roku TV With Remote

(1). Install the Roku Remote Control app on the smartphone from Google Play Store or App Store.

Roku Remote Control app

(2). Open the Roku Remote Control app and choose Continue.

(3). Click JVC Smart TV on the available devices and connect to the smart TV.

(4). Select the Remote option and tap the Power button to turn on the JVC TV.

Power on the JVC Smart TV without Remote

Hence, we have come across ways to turn on JVC Smart TV without the remote. The smartphone app removes the need for a TV remote control, and it is easy to control the TV while using the smartphone. In case of any issues with the JVC Smart TV, mention them in the comments section.


1. Where is the Power button on a JVC Smart TV?

In most cases, the Power button will be on the backside of the JVC Smart TV.

2. How do I turn on my JVC TV without the power button or the remote?

You can use the smartphone app for this specific purpose.

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