How to Remove Banner from Samsung TV

How to Remove Banner on Samsung TV (2)

A banner is a pop-up menu that displays the icons of the TV’s features. It will appear on the bottom of the screen in some models of LCD and LED TVs. Some models of LED and LCDs have a STORE DEMO mode and that puts the demo icons on the screen. The Demonstration Mode is the built-in feature that creates the attention of buyers by advertising the benefits of owning the TV on the side of the TV screen. Whenever you buy a new TV, it will be mostly in the Demo mode when you turn it on for the first time. So to remove the ads from the new Samsung Smart TV, you have to customize the TV to be in Home mode instead of Store Demo mode. Let’s check how to remove the banner from Samsung Smart/ LED TV.

Remove Banner from Samsung TV

How to Remove Banner from Samsung Smart TV

1) Launch the Samsung Smart TV and, using the Samsung TV remote, go to the SETUP menu.

2) In the SETUP menu, scroll down until you find the LOCATION option. LOCATION will be in STORE mode.

3) Using any of the arrow keys left or right, change the STORE Demo to HOME Use mode.

Change Sotore Demo to Home mode

Thus, pop-ups will now not appear on the screen. Some models of Samsung TV have slightly different Settings. If the above method doesn’t work, follow this way.

1). Press the Home button using the Samsung TV remote, and go to Settings on your TV.

2) Under Settings, select the option Support. Now in the Support menu, scroll to find the Use Mode.

Change Use Mode to Home Use to remove banner

3) Once you find the Use Mode, select Home Use and click Done.

After changing the mode to Home Use, the banner will be removed from the TV screen.

How to Remove Banner on Samsung TV without Remote

In case you don’t find the remote control of the TV, it does not mean that you can’t remove the pop-ups from the TV. You can remove the banner on your Samsung TV with the TV keys as soon below.

1) Turn on your TV. You can find the set of buttons either on the bottom of the TV or on the side panel.

2) Locate the volume button and press it. The volume indicator will display on the screen.

3) Now press the Menu button. Keep holding the menu button until the Standard mode appears. The TV has changed from Demo mode to Standard Mode.

Thus, the banner will not appear on the screen. However, repeat the steps once again if it still appears on the screen.

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Reset Samsung TV to Remove Banner

If you can’t remove the banner with the above methods, then the best way is to perform a reset. Factory reset will bring back the TV to its default settings and it will prevent the banner issues that pop up.

1) Move to the Home screen using the remote control and select Settings on your TV.

2) Under Settings, scroll to select General.

3) In General, select the Reset option.

Select Reset in General

4) It is necessary to enter the PIN to factory reset the TV. Mostly the PIN is default and it will be 0000.

Enter PIN to Reset

5) After entering the PIN, click OK to initiate the reset process. Thus, the resetting process begins.

Another way to reset Samsung TV is by selecting Self Diagnosis. Select Support under Settings. Now select Self Diagnosis under the Support option.

Select support

Choose Reset in Self Diagnosis and the Samsung TV will start its resetting process. Once the resetting process completes and you can see that banner disappears.

Choose Reset to remove Banner

However, Settings may vary according to the models of Samsung TVs. You can check the TV manually to find the options. In case of any doubts about the above procedure, then please mention them in the comments below.

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1. How to remove banner from Samsung TV series 5?

To remove the banner in Samsung TV Series 5, press the tools button on the remote and it will display the settings on the TV. While scrolling, if you find the option Store Demo Off, select it and it will make the TV come out of Demo mode. This method can be used in Samsung TV series 7 to remove banners.

2. How to remove the info banner from Samsung TV series 6?

The easy guide to remove banners in Samsung Tv series 6:
In Settings>>Select General>>Navigate to Usage Mode Settings>>Select System Manager>> Select Usage Mode>> Choose Home Mode.

3. What is the purpose of banners on TV?

The purpose of the banner is to portray your product in a way that connects to the customers. It is more important to inform your customers about your brand name so that people can recognize it. Banner is nothing but the description.

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